New Students of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia are equipped with Adab Knowledge for Parents & Lecturers

New students from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia took part in a spiritual session on Sunday, September 25/2022 at the Asmaul Yusuf Mosque on the local campus. This activity is exclusively for students. Meanwhile, the students held their mabit last night until this morning at the same location.
For female students, the committee presented Ustazah Robiah, M.Pd as a speaker. The theme raised is the manners of the younger generation to parents and lecturers. This is conveyed so that students have the right attitude towards parents and educators in Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia campus.
Robiah explained, etiquette and manners are the priority as noble characters. Therefore, it is not justified to commit disgraceful actions to parents and lecturers. Robiah invites all female students to have this awareness so that they have solid provisions in their daily lives.

Deputy Chancellor Dr H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM said this kind of activity was programmed at the beginning of time. The goal, so that all students have the right attitude and behavior. He said this spiritual mabit and service was an effort by the campus to equip students with true religious knowledge.
Mahathir said that in the future such activities would be held frequently. He believes that increasing the weight of spiritual activities can shape the character of students for the better.
Mahathir also reminded students to respect all lecturers and staff on this campus. He invites students to be critical and constructive and to convey ideas in a good and elegant way.

Mahathir said that being a student doesn’t mean you can act arbitrarily. This includes parents and teachers. He warned that all new Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia could maintain good manners.