Accreditation Certificate of Undergraduate Study Program, Diploma and Campus Accreditation Certificate

Campus Accreditation Certificate (download)
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (download)
Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Annual Performance Analysis (download)

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
– S1 Computer Engineering (download)
– S1 Electrical Engineering (download)
– S1 Civil Engineering (download)
– S1 Information Technology (download)
– S1 Informatics (download)
– S1 Information System (download)
– D3 Accounting Information System (download)

Faculty of Literature and Educational Sciences
– S1 English Literature (download)
– S1 English Education (download)
– S1 Sports Education (download)
– S1 Mathematics Education (download)

Faculty of Economics and Business
– S1 Accounting (download)
– S1 Management (download)