Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Calls for The Brightest Students

The globalization and Industrial Revolution 4.0 open new challenges and opportunities for Indonesian society. Information technology Advancement and Industrial-based skills are vital requirements to thrive in this era. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is established to answer the current and future needs as well as the solution for the best generations who seek achievements and successful career.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia


The Teknokrat Education Institute, which has been appointed as a pilot model for the national level Double System Education Program (link and match), was established on 19 February 1986 under the name "Teknokrat Course and Guidance" with the permission of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Depdiknas) of Lampung Province.


"to become a leading and an internationally reputable university that contributes to national and global development through quality education, research and social responsibility"


  1. Organizing and developing professional higher education programs.
  2. Conducting research for the development of science, technology, arts and humanities.
  3. Developing community service and innovation beneficial for national and global community.
  4. Strengthening national and international collaborations to achieve sustainable development goals.

Leader of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia always strives for the existing education system to be able to prepare its students to compete globally in all aspects, both in the fields of computer science, education as well as economics and business. For this reason, an intensive and consistent development of a culture and intellectual atmosphere is required. This is fully supported by the organization and management who support each other, especially in the Rectorate Cabinet.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia


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