Our Inspiration Filled Learning Spaces

Our classrooms are designed in such a unique manner, that provides you not only with the most enriching learning experience, but the most edifying atmosphere of inspiration. Through our personalised classroom atmosphere, we focus on you, to ensure the most enriching learning experience. Beyond simply giving you the knowledge, we inspire you to seek more knowledge.

Always Supporting Student Development

As a way to complement your academic journey, our cells are strategically designed to act as platforms, which enhance your knowledge base, and your practical exposure. The cells offer you a learning experience which focuses on the development of the intrinsic and personal values of every student, shaping you towards your participation in the future industrial avenues.

An Energising Sporting Experience

To provide students with the most engaging and energetic learning experience, our well refined and fully equipped sporting facilities provide students with a worthwhile outdoor experience. Our culture for sports is designed in such a way that allows students to explore their endless talent and abilities in sports. These facilities go on to provide students with a vibrant sporting journey during the course of their academics.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia


The 10th Best Private ASEAN University
AppliedHE Ranking
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The 7th National Best University
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The Best Private University in Sumatra
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The Best Private University in Lampung
UI-GReenmetric World University Ranking 2021
The Best Private University in Sumatera
UI-GReenmetric World University Ranking 2021
The Best Private University
Learning Management System (LMS) in Sumatera - SPADA Ministry of Education
The 9th Best University
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