Microcredential Certification Training

Microcredential certification training for data scientists held by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. The training was fully supported by expert data scientists from ITB, UI, ITS, UGM, Telkom University, Syiah Kuala University, Gunadarma University, Dian Nuswantoro University, Udayana University, Hasanudin University and AMIKOM University.

The Best PTS Students in Sumatra, Indonesian Technocrat University

PTS Terbaik Sumatera

As many as 61 students of the Best Indonesian PTS Sumatra Technocrat University successfully PASSED the selection in the training held online after successfully conquering 100 questions covering the fields of algorithms and programming, statistics and mathematics in 60 minutes online. Then after the student is declared graduated, the student gets full training for 1 month 10 days which is held online by expert data scientist mentors from supporting universities.

61 Best PTS Students Sumatra Teknokrat

Resi Susanti                                                                    Aliffia Nur Kharomah

Risa Aprilia Gunawan                                                    Siti Fatimah

Rama Suherman                                                             Putri Oktaria Maylanda

Mita Sari Sihaloho                                                          Fakhri Naufal Putra

Nyco Maulidyan Pratama                                              Denni Bharliandy Sastra

Randy Julyan                                                                 Eka Nurhana

Rhendy Yahya Almikana                                               Adella Esika Dewi

Putri Agustin                                                                  Muhammad Zaki

Adzqi Aulia                                                                    Bagas Cahya Ramadan

Dhaifina Berlyana Hadyansa                                         Siti Nurhasanah

Galih Prayogi Nugroho                                                  Uswatun Hasanah

Khurnia Putri Ramadhany                                             Oktorio Ezra Firmana

Amelia Maharani                                                            Windhu Astha T

Bagus Pangestu                                                              Krisfi Marantika

Stevani Natasiyah                                                          Naufal Arif

Mario Fernando                                                              Farhan Saputra

Rifqi Habib Maulana                                                      Fitria Aprianti

Reza Putri Pratama                                                         Agung Pambudi

Dwi Susanti                                                                    Beni Afri Angga

Hendar Juliyanto                                                            Rega Prastiya

Kadek Tame Jaya                                                           Novita Ulan Sari

M. Ari Kurniawan                                                          Dwi Bayu Karnadi

Rizky Fadhillah                                                              Muhammad Naufal

Kahfi Azazi                                                                    Muhammad Angga Trie Wiratama

Donie Aditya Ramadhan                                               Sirfia Aropa Putri

Dwi Agustina Lestari                                                     Wahyu Kurniawan Wijaya

Mardha Ariyani                                                              Raferly Cahya Darna

Firda Atika Putri                                                            Adinda Bidadari

Risma Sulistiowati                                                         Riris Eka Muly Senima

Muhammad Ikhsan


Opinion of the Vice Chancellor of the Best PTS Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Sumatra

Vice Chancellor of the Best PTS Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Sumatra Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM said that passing the selection on training with a high standard was indeed very proud. Coupled with reliable mentors in their fields to improve Human Resources (HR). That way, the best postgraduate Technocrat PTS students can be experts in that field.

Human Resources

The number of human demands for the world’s ‘talent’ in the field of Artificial Intelligence technology has grown by 74% every year in the last 4 years, with Machine Learning Engineers, Deep Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, and Algorithm Developers as the most sought after ‘talents’ . The World Bank stated that currently Indonesia is facing a digital talent gap. Indonesia needs 9,000,000 talents within fifteen years or around 600,000 talents per year to catch up. Human resource (HR) needs of various types:

  • Researcher, developer of data science and artificial intelligence technology, developer of solutions that utilize data science and artificial intelligence technology. Data management and processing that will be utilized by data science or artificial intelligence-based solutions. Without an understanding of this technology, policy makers feel they do not need or have not prepared an adoption process

To accommodate the development of Artificial Intelligence, the Indonesian government in coordination with the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) has issued a National Artificial Intelligence strategy. One of the things identified as important in this national strategy is the aspect of talent or the availability of Human Resources (HR) so that they can utilize and develop Artificial Intelligence. Currently, it is not only the industry that requires Data Science or Artificial Intelligence talent. State institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, in this case the Director General of Taxes and the Director General of Customs and Excise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and so on require human resources who master the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Public services such as TK BJKS and Health BPJK also need human resources in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, for example for fraud detection, Decision Support Systems, smart inventory and stock systems, smart farming. To catch up with 9,000,000 digital talents, Indonesia needs various acceleration strategies in order to create quality human resources in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Microcredential Certification activities in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are carried out in order to accelerate the fulfillment of needs in this field. By equipping students with competencies in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, university graduates can cover the talent needs of both industry and government agencies and public services. This microcredential activity consists of:

  • Training compiled based on a competency standard Certification carried out with competency standards and a juridical basis providing national certification Supervised independent projects conducted by participants in groups As part of an internship for solving problems in the industry Enrichment as a product to support entrepreneurship for students and graduates

This training activity uses the Associate Data Scientist’s national occupational reference (KKNI level 6). Meanwhile, the instructors are those who have received training for the Data Scientist level (KKNI level 7). Microcredential activities are expected to provide an environment that is able to stimulate the academic community to think critically, innovate, increase self-confidence, develop networks between universities, industry and other related parties. This microcredential activity is supported by industry and related associations (IPKIN, IAI, IAIS) by utilizing the power of resources owned by universities and networks of educational institutions, industry and government.

The implementation of this activity is intended to support the implementation of the Independent Learning Campus Independent Program which is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbud Ristek) Program. The implementation of this activity can encourage the involvement of students and lecturers in higher education. The 2021 Microcredential Certification Program activities have general and specific objectives, namely:


General Purpose of Microcredential Certification Training for Students of the Best Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia PTS Sumatra

In general, the expected goal with this proposed activity is to develop experienced Human Resources (HR) and can directly enter the real world or industry in the AI ​​field to face the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0.

Specifically, the objectives to be achieved in this activity include:

  1. Conducting training related to Data Science for students. This training is prepared jointly with associations and industry in the field. Increasing the capacity of lecturers and campuses to provide assistance to students for product development related to Artificial Intelligence. Produce solutions that use Data Science and Artificial Intelligence that can cover the needs of industry and government agencies. Improve industrial cooperation and government institutions/public services and universities through solving existing problems.

The training is carried out with the following mechanism:

The training is carried out by universities appointed by Dikti as implementing hosts. Each host will handle 150-200 students according to the availability of teachers and assistants; Participants will be divided into several groups. In 1 (one) group a maximum of 25 (twenty five) to 30 (thirty) participants will be handled by 1 (one) instructor. Each host will handle about 6 (six) groups, with this composition the participants are expected to get intense interaction with the teacher; For each host, a minimum of 8 (eight) instructors is required; Each group will be accompanied by 1 (one) implementing assistant; the training is carried out online in synchronous and asynchronous modes. Synchronous sessions are carried out using the Zoom Cloud Meeting application. Synchronous sessions are carried out for lessons carried out as much as 2 JP x 18 plus industry sessions and project discussions (this mechanism is adjusted by the implementing host); Asynchronous sessions are carried out using the LMS provided by SPADA, or the campus LMS, using the provided materials; At the end of the training activity each participant will carry out a final project in groups (1 group consists of 3 participants). For the final project, it is expected that there will be assistance or problems from industrial partners and/or the government; Participants who pass the certification mockup exam and carry out project assignments will have the opportunity to take the certification exam at LSP;

The hope is that the 61 students of the Best PTS Sumatran Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia will receive initial provisions that will support them in the future to be prepared to become reliable data scientists who will be ready to answer challenges in an increasingly competitive world of work.