Program Serbuan Vaksin Serentak yang dilaksanakan TNI hari ini berlangsung di Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Ini adalah vaksinasi 

second after last month was also held at the best campus in South Sumatra.


Also present was the Regional Secretary of Bandar Lampung City, Ir. Tole Dailami, Danrem 043/Gatam which was attended by Kasiter Colonel (Kav) Thomas Rudyanto, S.H., and Lanal Lampung, which was attended by the Commander of KAL Pohawang Marine Lt. (F) BM Murti, A.Md. and Regional Coordinator of the Lampung Corruption Court, Edy Purwanto Puad and his staff.


Since morning, local residents, students, and coastal communities in Bandar Lampung have lined up in an orderly manner to be vaccinated.


The Commander of Brigif-4 Marines/BS Colonel Marine Nawawi, SE MM, said this program is part of the national movement of 1 million vaccines organized by the Indonesian government.


TNI and Polri, said Nawawi, carried out this activity to support communal immunity in Indonesia, especially in Lampung Province.


Brigif-4 Marines/BS itself last month carried out the vaccine, which was followed by the community on the islands of Bandar Lampung and Pesawaran. Nawawi explained that the personnel went directly to the islands to vaccinate the community.


Nawawi said that today’s activity was in collaboration with the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. The reason is that this campus has a representative multipurpose building to carry out mass vaccinations.


In addition to students and local residents, coastal communities are also included. They will undergo vaccination to create herd immunity or communal immunity.


Colonel Nawawi expressed his appreciation for the collaboration with the Indonesian Technocrat University. He thanked the Chancellor of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Nasrullah Yusuf SE MBA.


Chancellor of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Nasrullah Yusuf SE MBA. | Documentation

Nasrullah Yusuf said that his party is one hundred percent ready to cooperate with the TNI-Polri and all other elements in this mass vaccination. He said, Technocrats are open to all activities related to the benefit of society.


Nasrullah Yusuf also invited residents to participate in vaccinations. He said he had been vaccinated and was doing well. He wants the public to be educated so that they want to be vaccinated and strictly implement health protocols to prevent exposure to COVID-19.


Bandar Lampung City Secretary Tole Dailami also appreciated the technocrats’ quick steps. Tole said, this was in line with the expectations of the government where other elements were concerned with this mass vaccination movement.


Tole said that the teknokrat steps should be followed by other institutions. With the hope, communal immunity can be realized soon. He also hopes that Bandar Lampung will soon enter the orange and green zones, no longer the red zones.


Deputy Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM added that campus residents and lecturers participated in this vaccination activity.


Thus, in the campus environment, it can minimize exposure to COVID-19. Mahathir believes, with a vaccine, there is a communal immunity created.


Even though learning is still online, vaccination is still important. This is because the activities of students and lecturers can be protected when interacting with other people in the neighborhood.


Mahathir said all lecturers and students were required to take part in this activity. Apart from being a national movement, this is also the responsibility of the campus in preventing the spread of COVID-19.