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Proudly, the Best PTS Sumatran Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Student, Verdian Galang Pratama, S1 Informatics Study Program passed the certified Internship selection at PT Telkom Innovation Management Bandung. This Internship Program is an Independent Learning program at the Kemdikbudristek Independent Campus which provides opportunities for students to learn the skills needed by the industry.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Student Verdian Proud to Intern at PT Telkom

Verdian Galang Pratama A student at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is very proud to be accepted for an internship at PT Telkom, a multinational company that has gone international. The student, who is usually called Verdian, explained how to get accepted into the Ministry of Education and Culture Certified Internship Program. Not only seen from the GPA, Verdian also attached a certificate of organizational experience and achievements during his studies at the Green Campus of the Champion of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia “In addition to the general requirements requested by MSIB, Verdian also attached the Islamic Film National Champion Achievement Award Certificate as proof of Galang’s Skills in the IT field.

National Certified Internship Requirements Kemdikbudristek

In a detailed explanation, Verdian received an internship at PT Telkom, as follows, not only sending GPA files and portfolios but going through several stages, namely skills tests, namely conceptual graphics and basic basics about campaigns; then conducted interviews about experiences and activities while on campus; Then a study case was given about a case of problems in digital amoeba, one of the subsidiaries of PT Telkom and then assigned to solve the case, it was written in the form of a campaign on digital amoeba, as a requirement for participating in the Ministry of Education and Culture internship program, said Ardian.

Verdian’s very happy day was the announcement on January 21, 2022, announced via Whatsapp to Ardian’s cellphone, his name appeared with a nationally certified internship at PT Telkom, his hope was realized, he said.

Verdian internship program of the Ministry of Education and Culture held at PT Telkom Innovation Management in Bandung on February 14, 2022 to July 29, 2022. Internships conducted online from February to March 2022 have no control because what Verdian does is to develop visuals in a product and campaigns. In March, it is planned to have an offline internship at PT Telkom Innovation Management in Bandung.

Verdian’s Hope After Internship at PT Telkom

Proud to be doing an internship at PT Telkom because of the thousands of students in Indonesia I was chosen to enter the circle of great people who are experts in their fields, and many students are from well-known universities on the island of Java. My hope, after being accepted as an internship at PT Telkom, is to gain experience in how PT Telkom develops its start-up education, and learn how the PT Telkom expert team works professionally which I will later apply in my world of work later, explained Verdian.

Verdian Achievements and Activities of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students

Ardian also has achievements in accordance with his field, namely winning 1st place in the Videography Competition at Mercu Buana University Jakarta in addition to getting extraordinary experience in getting cash and certificates; then the 1st place in the expo in the field of software development. In the midst of his busy college life, Ardian has activities until now, namely as one of the product teams at Apiary Akademi in South Jakarta, one of the creative teams at PT United Raja Lokal (Beeme Official) and as a social media manager at the Kusuma Clinic, said Ardian.

Courses at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia according to the times that are up to date

Thanks to Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, during my 5 semesters of study I gained knowledge from several courses such as ui/ux how to make digital products according to user needs. I also followed the Animedia UKM in which the organization was taught about how to translate information into visual form and how to make 3D animation. It was from these courses and UKM that I was able to develop my abilities more broadly until now I was accepted as an internship at PT Telkom. The lecturer at the Indonesian Technocrat University who gave the course delivered the material in a fun way and the material was reviewed from up to date developments, explained Ardian.

UTI Vice Chancellor’s Appreciation Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM.

Vice Chancellor of theUniversitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. conveyed that the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia supports students to get learning experiences outside the study program. In the Merdeka Learning program, Kemdikbudristek’s Independent Campus, they can get real experience in the world of work so that when they graduate they are ready to contribute to society. (Teknokrat).