Latihan Detasemen Jalamangkara dan Latihan Satuan Lanjutan II Aspek Darat Brigif 4 Mar/BS 2021, Rabu (15/9/2021), di Komplek Perkantoran Gubernur Lampung, rupanya Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia ikut andil dan terlibat.


Information Technology (IT) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is used in the Ground Aspects Advanced Unit II Exercise 2021 Brigif 4 Mar/BS. Using drones, software and crew.


The involvement of the Best PTS Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in Sumatra attracted the attention of the officials present.


Advanced unit training on the ground aspect in collaboration between Denjaka and the 4 Mar/BS Infantry Brigade in 2021. With the scenario of releasing the governor who was held hostage by the terrorists.


The exercise was witnessed directly by the Expert Staff Coordinator (Koorsahli) Dankormar Marine Colonel Eddy Setiawan and Brigadier 4 Marines/BS Commander Colonel Mar Nawawi, Commander Denjaka and the Regional Secretary of Lampung Province, Fahrizal Darmanto accompanied by the Lampung Provincial Government Muspida. Also present were Vice Chancellor I for Academic Affairs, University of Teknokrat, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE, MM, who witnessed the drone attraction created by Universitas Teknokrat students.


Marine Colonel Eddy Setiawan said that this exercise was carried out at the order of the TNI Commander through Kasal to Dankormar with the aim of increasing the professionalism of Marine Corps soldiers and supporting the government’s program for vaccine attacks in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic.


Deputy Chancellor I Mahathir Muhammad with the Commander of the Jalamangkara Detachment Col. Mar Kresno Pratowo and the Commander of the Brigadier 4 Marines/BS Colonel Mar Nawawi.

Dankormar also instructed Dandenjaka and Danbrigif 4 Marines, Marine Colonel Nawawi, to carry out multi-level and continuous programmatic training, for Denjaka to carry out UNS II exercises, paralysis exercises, marine exercises and forest command exercises. For Brigif 4 to carry out LSL II Ground training from GMUK, attack and defense as well as defense dynamics continued with city fighting techniques by infantry units and hostage release by Denjaka.