Not infrequently, inter-village volleyball tournaments that are easily found in various regions are able to attract many spectators. Famous players are also sometimes involved in inter-village volleyball tournaments, even those who are called national players. The price offered is certainly tempting. From a professional perspective, Indonesia also has a top-level tournament called the Proliga. Proliga matches are always able to attract the attention of the audience, although not as much as football or badminton which became the first and second popular sports in Indonesia. Volleyball is an example of an important ball sport. You could say this game is included in the Match category where the two teams face each other to get the result of the match. In volleyball, you play the ball so that it passes over the top of the net in the middle of the court. To score, players in a team must direct the ball to the opponent’s area so that the ball lands in the opponent’s defense area. Unlike other sports, volleyball has no time limit. The winning team is the team that can reach 25 points or scores, or is the first to reach the common ground. A two-tier or three-tier system is used to determine the winning team.

Basic Ways to Play Volleyball

The rules of the volleyball game are quite easy to understand. The players must prevent the ball from falling into their own group and move the ball over the net with a maximum of 3 touches. The first service is the team/team, this service has two types, namely the bottom service and the top service.

 1. Volleyball Service

At first serving is the beginning of a volleyball game, this method seems to be a way to serve the ball so that the game can develop. However, this way of serving develops as the first attack for the team that receives a turn to serve. Therefore, the service can determine the course of the match, as a result of which the ball stroke from outside the field that you do must be perfect and powerful. If Grameds can’t serve well, then your team won’t get a good chance to score. The importance of this service is often not taken into account, the term is undervalued. Nor do the instructors specifically teach to make a deadly serve as a result serve as an opportunity to score. The basic form of the portion is that the foot must be behind the line boundary. There are 3 types of ways to do this top serve, the first is top serve, then floating serve and jumping serve.


Floating Service

Floating Volleyball Service. To perform this serve, Grameds throws the ball over his head with his left hand. Throw just enough to avoid trouble. While the ball is still overhead, the right hand hits the ball until it passes through the top of the net.

Jumping Service or Jumping Service

 Implementation of jump service, this type of service is almost the same as floating service. The only difference is that if the ball is still over your head, you will jump and hit it hard.

 2. Passing in volleyball

This way of passing has many purposes. If we get the ball from the opposing team, we can use this method to get the ball, stop attacks, and counter the opponent’s defense area. We can also control the game by setting a strategy without the ball having to land in our team area.


Volleyball Overpassing, Overpassing is generally used when the ball is above, generally this pass is intended to provide sweet feedback to teammates who jump into the opponent’s area. This type of pass is performed with both hands. It’s like picking up a ball with both hands for a moment and then throwing it up or at someone ready to shoot.

Down Pass

Down Pass for volleyball, down pass is very necessary when the ball is under it. This can be done using one hand or using one hand. Customized according to need. One-handed down passing is done when the player is in a difficult position, the ball is far away from the player, or the reflex gets a sudden attack. Usually, players position their bodies by bending, leaning forward, and extending one hand toward the ball.


volleyball smash 3, Smash is a method used to attack. Often, the smash is believed to be a determinant of the quality of a team’s attack. Therefore, this method really requires a sharp killing instinct. Not only that, this method requires concentration, accuracy, & strength.



block volleyball game, How to block as the first answer. Not only that, this method can also be used to restore the opponent’s attack so that it can boomerang for themselves. When the ball smashes according to your opponent’s blocking according to your team, then the ball will bounce towards their own defense. In order for your blocking to be successful, Grameds must stand near the net. The closer Grameds’ position is to the net, the narrower the opponent’s shooting space will be for smashing.