Three Robot Divisions of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia fielded three divisions in the 2021 Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) at the national level.

Robotics supervisor at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Maulana Azis, Tuesday (5/10/2021), said,

The best PTS in Sumatra, in the 2021 KRI competition with UGM as the host, sent three divisions.

The national robot contest for Region 1 will be held on October 12-17. The Robotics Team of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia fielded three divisions, namely the Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Humanoid. Indonesian Sar Robot Contest (KRSRI), and Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI).

Maulana explained, for the KRSBI Humanoid Division, they won the Regional 1 Indonesian Robot Contest which was held online on 23-25 ​​September 2021. The KRSBI Humanoid team, named Krakatau FC, won 2nd place in running, 3rd place sending the ball and 3rd place in robot cooperation.

The 2021 National KRI is organized by the National Achievement Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Acting Head of the Center for National Achievement Asep Sukmayadi said the KRI 2021 was held in order to encourage the improvement of student achievement, academic ability, insight and love of robotics ademi. Preparing superior human resources in the future and being able to innovate and be creative in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0.

Therefore, said Asep, the National Achievement Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia will hold the Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) in 2021. The Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) in 2021 will be held online.

In connection with this, the leaders of higher education institutions should notify students in their respective universities to prepare KRIs that have passed the selection.

Tim robotik Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. | Dokumentasi

The following are the Robotics Division Team of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia that will participate in the National KRI in 2021.

The KRSBI Humanoid Division Team consists of:

1. Agung Pangestu, Computer Engineering Study Program (Advisory Assistant)

2. Irvan Maulana, Computer Engineering Study Program (Advisory Assistant)

3. Seftoni Indra Jaya, Study Program

Informatics (Advisory Assistant)

4. Nova Ranti, Information Systems Study Program (Advisory Assistant)

5. Septina Nainggolan, Computer Engineering Study Program (Advisory Assistant)

6. Deva Faradiba, Informatics Study Program/


7. Edvan Agus Pratama, Study Program

Information Technology/team

8. Muhammad Pascal Hidayatullah, Informatics Study Program/Team

9. Shilvia Febriati, Informatics Study Program/


10. Aji Cahya Indra, Computer/mechanical Engineering Study Program

11. Irfan Yusuf, Computer Engineering Study Program


12. Mutiara Bulan Maharani, Computer/mechanical Engineering study program

KRSRI Division Team

1. Ramanda Ajisaka Asyraf, Informatics Study Program

2. Diotama Saputra, Computer Engineering Study Program

3. Ahmad Amiruddin, Electrical Engineering Study Program

4. Ridho Nurrahmanto, Sports Education Study Program

5. Mutual Qodri Assidik in Study Program: Informatics.

KRTMI Division Team

1. Nainggolan Peres Alfonso, Electrical Engineering Study Program

2. Risky, Electrical Engineering Study Program

3.Feby Amanda, Computer Engineering Study Program

4. Bella Imam Firmansyah, Computer Engineering Study Program.

Deputy Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM responded positively to the achievements. He said, the campus nicknamed the Champion Campus did have many achievements in the fields of technology and robotics.

Therefore, this achievement is a series of coaching in the field of robotics. He hopes that there will always be new innovations so that achievements are always achieved to be the best.

Mahathir said this robotic technology must also be easily applied by people who need it. Because, the essence of technology is to facilitate the affairs of citizens. That is the challenge in the future so that people can also access this technology easily.

If it is realized, it means that the campus is able to become a solution that is needed by the community, including the industrial world.