Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia melaksanakan Program Kampus Mengajar yang merupakan bagian dari Program Gerakan Nasional Revolusi Mental dan Kampus Merdeka. Sebanyak

 70 prospective educator students participated in the program which was a collaboration between the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, the Indonesian Chancellor’s Forum and the Faculty of Letters and Educational Sciences at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.


The Teaching Campus Movement Program which lasted for 3 months was in tandem with the Field Experience Practice Program of the Faculty of Letters and Education at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. The Teaching Campus Movement program requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, has organizational experience and gets a letter of assignment from the university leadership.


This teaching campus movement takes the theme “Collaborative Teaching Movement for Educators of Lampung Province” in partnership with SMA/SMK in Lampung Province including Pioneer 1 Bandar Lampung, Amal Bakti Jatimulyo Vocational School, 2 Bandar Lampung Vocational High School, Gedong Tataan High School 1, AL-Huda High School. South Lampung, AL-Huda Vocational School, South Lampung, Pelita Gedong Tataan Pesawaran Vocational School, SMIT SMK Bandar Lampung, SMKN 9 Bandar Lampung, SMAN 1 Tanjung Bintang, SMKN 1 Bandar Lampung, Islamic Vocational School Adiluwih Pringsewu.

Selected students in this program carry out three main activities at school, namely teaching assistance, strengthening administration, and adapting technology. Teaching assistance is carried out with the stages of learning observation, sit-ins, and teaching practices.


Administrative strengthening is a student effort in assisting teachers in making lesson plans, attendance lists, and making questions. In addition, students also carry out technological adaptation, namely assisting teachers and students in using technology to support online learning.


Coordinator of the National Movement for Mental Revolution and the Independent Learning Program for the Independent Campus of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Achmad Yudi Wahyudin, S.Pd., M.Pd. explained, this program will become a routine program that will be held by the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.


“We express our gratitude to the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, the Indonesian Chancellor’s Forum, and the Foundation and Leaders of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia who have supported this program, hopefully this activity will run successfully and sustainably,” he said.


The Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Education at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Akhyar Rido, SS., MA., Ph.D encouraged students to be able to take part in the Merdeka Learning Program at the Merdeka Campus considering the importance of this program.


“By participating in the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka program, one of which is the Teaching Campus Movement program, students can gain experience in society so that they are more capable of becoming agents of change after graduation,” he said.


Deputy Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM welcomed this program. Moreover, the selected students deserve to follow it.


Mahathir explained, this program brings double benefits. The first benefit is felt by students who take part in the program. They will be able to apply knowledge when dealing with students.


The second advantage is that students get material that is important and is delivered in a language adapted to millennials.


Mahathir believes that in the future this program will be able to increase the quality of education. Thus, the quality of our students will increase.