At the end of the semester, students are required to focus mengerjakan skripsi as a prerequisite for graduation. The thesis period is actually the toughest time in college. Often many students feel pressure and have difficulty working on their thesis. The feeling of being lazy and lazy to work makes the thesis does not develop and is easily hampered by the process. It should be understood that this will result in the thesis not being completed quickly and the diploma being delayed. Of course this laziness should be avoided.

Laziness is a feeling that everyone has. Laziness is when you don’t want to do something. For example, I am too lazy to study, and I am reluctant to do educational activities because I am lazy to study. But, guys? We know that laziness is an emotion that hinders work, why? Whenever there is something I want to do, I am always lazy and cancel or procrastinate. Laziness usually attacks graduates who are writing their thesis. This feeling of laziness is the same reason as the feeling of laziness that occurs when you have to study. Don’t write your thesis if you are too lazy. Careful! You can finish your thesis for a long time. How do you overcome the feeling of lazy writing? The following are tips so that you are not lazy to do thesis.


Always Remember What Your Study Goals Are

When your enthusiasm for working on your thesis begins to decline, remember what your previous college goals were. Of course, the goal of college is to graduate and soon realize your dreams and aspirations. Everyone wants a bright future. Also remember how your parents tried and struggled to send you to school. Their prayers for their children’s success are endless. Do not despair, so immediately improve yourself with more serious thesis work for the future.

Reduce Your Playing

Often, boredom appears when working on a thesis. To get rid of boredom when working on a thesis, usually someone looks for a place to hang out or hang out with friends. There’s nothing wrong with looking for a place to play or just hang out to restore your spirits. However, you have the responsibility to complete the thesis, so don’t hang out too much or do activities that waste your time. So that your thesis work will be delayed if you waste too much time playing and doing things that are less useful for the continuation of your thesis.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation can come from anywhere. Find your own way to motivate yourself so that you can complete your thesis in no time with more enthusiasm and motivation. You can motivate yourself by instilling a desire for greater success. It’s easy to beat laziness in this situation. Think about what goals you want to achieve in the future.

Resist Temptation

Of course there is such a thing as a temptation to work on a thesis. You want to browse social media or suddenly a friend asks you for an internship at a company. It also has considerable temptation. With every responsibility there is a temptation that will make you lazy and eventually neglect your work. No student wants it right? Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we must resist temptation. For example, if social networks are busy, put your smartphone away. Or, for example, suddenly you have a problem in your family and you have to start looking for a place where you don’t think about it. Parents, you need to know that your children know that they have defended their thesis, taken the exam, and finally finished it. Surely they will be very happy. Successfully fulfilling the first big responsibility will be the antidote to all family troubles.

Create a Target Time for Completion of Thesis

When writing a thesis, you must set goals. Create a to-do list so you can focus without wasting time. Of course, achieving your goals requires a detailed plan of what you need to do today, tomorrow, or a month from now. By the end of this deadline, you may immediately feel obligated to take responsibility.

Don’t Delay Thesis Too Often

When you are writing a thesis, you usually receive revisions from your supervisor. When you receive a revision from your supervisor, you must immediately think about and work on and complete the revision. If you procrastinate, your thesis will not be finished quickly because you forget the topic discussed.

Looking for a Comfortable Place to Do Thesis

If you are tired of working on your thesis at home or on campus, you can start looking for a comfortable place to work on your thesis. If you enjoy writing your thesis while you eat, you can go to a cafe or fast food restaurant where you can work on your thesis. But if you don’t like crowds, you can write your thesis in a library that has a comfortable workplace.