Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) merupakan kegiatan yang santer digaungkan oleh Menteri Pendidikan Kebudayaan dan Ristek Nadiem Makarim.


Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia sebagai 

Merdeka Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) is an activity that is widely echoed by the Minister of Education, Culture and Research and Technology, Nadiem Makarim.




Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia as


The best private universities in Sumatra welcomed this activity.


Since 2019, many MBKM programs have been followed by various programs such as Permata Sakti, Teaching Campus 1 and 2, and the 2021 Independent Student Exchange.


In addition to programs from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, there are many programs initiated by study programs at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, one of which is an internship program which is a collaboration between the English Language Education Study Program (PBI) and English Literature with the Lampung Provincial Language Office (KBPL).


In this program, 2 students from PBI study program and 2 English literature study programs with the names:

  1. Good Andriansyah
  2. Jefri Sianturi
  3. Graceful Dwi Astuti
  4. Exca Kuntari Putri


They will carry out internships at KBPL from August-November 2021. This program will convert 12 credits in each study program.


The handover of the internship students was carried out on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at the Lampung Provincial Language Office by Dr. Afrianto, M. Hum. as the person in charge of the FSIP internship program and Suprayogi, M.Hum as the head of the Sasing study program.


On this occasion, Dr. Eva Krisna, M.Hum as KBPL received UTI students directly.


Deputy Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM welcomed the internship program. Especially at the Lampung Provincial Language Office.


Mahathir said Indonesian is the most important means of communication in this country. As a language that is part of the Youth Pledge, Mahathir said it should be protected and preserved.


Those who are interns are expected to be able to contribute to daily activities at the Lampung Provincial Language Office.


Armed with the abilities so far on campus, students who are interns are asked to be productive in their work.