Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, dan Ristek RI menggelar program bergengsi, Magang dan Studi Independen Bersertifikat



Kampus perguruan tinggi swasta (PTS)

the best in Sumatra, the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, sent the most students. From Lampung, 18 students and students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia passed the selection of this program. Several public and private universities in Lampung have sent 1 to 8 people. Teknokrat sent the most participants. These apprentices will do internships in several well-known corporations in Indonesia.


The details are 9 students from Informatics, Management (1), English Education (1), English Literature (2), Information Systems (2), and Electrical Engineering (3) Study Programs. They will do internships and independent studies in many institutions . These include PT Mitra Semeru Indonesia, PT Impactbyte Teknologi Edukasi, PT Agate International, PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika, PT Great Giant Pineapple, PT Orbit Ventura Indonesia, PT GITS Indonesia, Hasnur Center Foundation, PT Digital Inisiatif, PT Microsoft Indonesia, and PT Progate. Global Indonesia.


Deputy Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM welcomed the results of the selection of this certified program. Mahathir is proud that 18 Teknokrat students were selected to join the program. In fact, the most compared to other public and private campuses in Lampung. Mahathir said that the skills of the graduating students had been tested. They, said Mahathir, will run the program well. Because, in terms of qualifications in Teknokrat, 18 students are indeed worthy.


Mahathir wants all selected students to have good internships and independent studies. He wanted something that students could contribute during their internships and independent studies.


Mahathir said such a program is very well followed. Because, by experiencing internships and independent studies at bona fide institutions, students will experience a mature work and study culture. He is sure that after this program there will be results that can be conveyed to all students. It will inflame the spirit of study and compete well.