Tim Animedia Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia berhasil menjadi juara III nasional dalam ajang kompetisi Islamic Animated Short Movie Competition (IASMC) atau Kompetisi Film Pendek Animasi Islami Tingkat Nasional Tahun 2021 yang

The Animedia Team of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia succeeded in becoming the third national winner in the Islamic Animated Short Movie Competition (IASMC) competition or the 2021 National Islamic Animated Short Film Competition which


 organized by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.


A total of 10 members of the jury have determined the winner of the competition which was participated by 235 works with 1,175 participants from 34 provinces throughout Indonesia.


The first place was won by Aifeka from East Java with the title “Exemplary Role Model”. The second place was won by Faizal from West Java with the title “Haqubot”. The third place was by Aga Arsari from Animedia, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Lampung with the title “The Difference”.


Deputy Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM said the campus was proud of this achievement. This kind of competition is prestigious because it is organized by the Ministry of Religion. In addition, the content presented is also useful for religious education.


Mahathir said that the campus does provide creative freedom to all extracurricular activities. Including the Animedia Team. That way, the work produced does have weight and deserves to be contested. So far, Mahathir said, the results have been very satisfying.


Mahathir said all student organizations were indeed encouraged to take part in provincial, national, and even international competitions. By competing, said Mahathir, we will know how far the achievements of the work produced.


Mahathir congratulated him on this achievement. He hopes that other student and extracurricular institutions can emulate this achievement. He hopes that this success will ignite the enthusiasm of all students to have works that enter the national and international arena.