Students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) as future candidates for the nation have an important role in the nation and state.

This was conveyed by Danbrigif 4 Marines/BS Lampung Colonel Marine Nawawi at the Introduction to Campus Life for New Students

(PKKMB) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Friday (24/9/2021).

According to him, defending the country needs to be introduced from the basic education level, including to universities and the government.

He explained that there are four elements in the state. Among other things, the state must have territory, have people or residents, associate and get de facto legitimacy or recognition.

The function of the state in general is to carry out order and security, the function of prosperity and welfare, the function of defense and security and the function of upholding justice.

“To defend the country, when we, as students, defend the country, defend the country, maybe there is something like that from our student days. Love for the country is not only for the TNI and Polri. But all citizens must love the Republic of Indonesia,” said Nawawi

He also invited students to continue to behave well as citizens as well as a form of defending the country. Students studying well are part of defending the country.

“Daily survival well already has a sense of defending the country. As students carry out their duties as students to learn to gain knowledge and so on as a form of defending the country. Because there must be a belief that if you can learn to gain knowledge one day it will definitely be used for the benefit of other people or the community, “explained Nawawi.

Furthermore, Nawawi said that after all, the history of the nation’s struggle is very long. After all, the struggle of the predecessors led to Indonesia’s independence in 1945.

“The independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 1945 with blood and tears was not the result of the struggle of many countries but the result of the struggle of the Indonesian people. Therefore, every citizen is obliged to participate in defending his country when needed,” he said.