What is Groundsill Structure and The Function

What is Groundsill Structure?

Groundsill structure is a transverse threshold structure that can be built on water body as one alternative in reducing the upstream water velocity and therefore could maintain the upstream sedimentation rates.

What is the function of a Groundsill Structure?

Since the past few decades, the scouring problem in the river especially near to the bridge foundation has become the major discussion by researchers. Scouring is an enlargement of a flow accompanied by transfer of material through the action of fluid motion. Scouring problem faced in the river can damage river structures and cause bad impact to the river environments. In water resources management, erosion or scouring problem in the water body is the most serious problem that need to be solved.

One approach that can be applied in order to reduce the scouring problem in the river is by constructing a structure in the riverbed that can be implemented in reducing the water flow velocities, such as a groundsill structure. Groundsill structure is one alternative structure that can be built in the water body in order to reduce the water flow velocity and maintain sedimentation rates at the upstream area of its structure.

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Where we can apply a Groundsill Structure?

Generally, the groundsill structures were built up at downstream area of the threatened structure of being damage in the river. There were some researchers that have applied a groundsill structure as an effort to reduce scouring problem and protect the important structures in the river.

Example of a Groundsill Structure?

In 2019, a groundsill structure has been constructed at one cross section in the middle part of Cimadur River especially near to Bantar Karang bridge in order to reduce the local scouring problem faced in Cimadur River. The position of the groundsill structure is about 90 m at downstream of the Bantar Karang bridge (Figure 1).

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