The Community Service Team of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia held a door lock training activity at MA Ma’aruf 1 Punggur, Central Lampung, on Thursday, March 28, 2022. As the Best ASEAN private university, the Community Service (PKM) Team Civil Engineering Study Program of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) introduced a smart home and automatic home security to provide knowledge and skills, especially home security technology.

The PKM activity was attended by the Principal of MA MA’ARIF 1 PUNGGUR, Budi Raharjo, S.Si. who delivered his speech and thanked Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for fostering the school by providing an understanding of the use of technology for students. This target school obtained an activity program in the form of training on several information technologies to prepare the nation’s successors. Students who will later be ready to face the world globally, don’t waste this training opportunity, said the principal, Budi Raharjo, S.Si. The PKM Team of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, The green campus Champion, was chaired by Fera Lestari, S.T., M.T. together with Novia Utami Putri, M.T. along with other members, namely Dian Pratiwi, M. Eng. and Ria Oktavia Sinia, M.T. They are all lecturers at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. In this activity, the lecturers were accompanied by electrical engineering and civil engineering students including Yohanes, Arif Setiawan, Nur Dian Faqih, Fajar Anggit, Okky Dwi Darmawan, and Wayan Rio Adi Pratama.

The purpose of this activity is to provide insight and understanding of the importance of information technology in the era of globalization, especially in everyday life. Students need to gain insight and knowledge in the electrical field, especially about home security systems and their implementation. With this activity, MA MA’ARIF 1 PUNGGUR students can develop skills in increasing understanding related to automatic security systems, students are also expected to be able to implement a home security system (door lock) in various aspects, especially technology in implementing security systems at home.

This activity was carried out by the Community Service Team of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia which consisted of lecturers and students. Door lock training was given by Novia Utami Putri, M.T., The training activities went smoothly and were enthusiastically welcomed by students. In this training, students get exposure related to smart homes and door lock systems. This exposure can increase insight related to home security systems. After increasing knowledge regarding the door lock system, the team then conducted a demo/simulation of making an automatic safety device using a keypad. The Door lock system will work automatically using the password that has been created on the keypad, when the number key on the keypad is pressed in the form of a password that has been created automatically the information will be conveyed to the programmed NodeMCU. Then it will move to the relay and from the relay, it will be processed to the electric door lock. Then the door will open automatically, so the house will be safe from the dangers of thieves.

In the collaboration between Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia MA MA’ARIF 1 PUNGGUR it is hoped that it can improve the ability of lecturers and teachers, both in the field of community service and increase teacher competence with national and international standards;

The principal, Budi Raharjo, S.Sc., hopes that this collaboration can continue to be improved and is grateful to Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for opening up the horizons of MA MA’ARIF 1 PUNGGUR student who closed the principal. Vice-Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM., revealed that Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia provides full support for each student’s talent development activity. This activity can encourage students to be better prepared to continue to higher education and the global era. (Teknokrat)