Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Won the 1st Place in News Casting National Competition

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia won the first place in the National News Casting. This News Casting competition at the National level this time it was organized by STIKES Banyuwangi with the event The 3rd Stikes Banyuwangi English Competition 2022 (The 3rd SBEC 2022).

This News Casting Competition was held online and was attended by 30 teams from more than 10 major universities in Indonesia such as: University of Indonesia, IPB, Syiah Kuala University, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Health Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health Makassar, Stikes Banyuwangi, STKIP Pamane Talino, Surabaya Pharmacy Academy, Yogyakarta Ministry of Health Poltekkes, PIP Makassar.

In the judging stage, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia won the highest points with a total score of 222 and was crowned the 1st National News Casting Champion, ahead of PIP Makassar with a score of 187 points in the second position and the Ministry of Health’s Poltekkes Makassar with a score of 185 points in the third position.

Andi Tri Santoso, Desti Fitriyani, and Silvia Damayanti were the team that won the National 1st Place. The three of them are undergraduate students of English Literature, Faculty of Arts and Education, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia who are in the Student Organization Teknocrat English Club (TEC).

As for Andi Tri Santoso’s achievements: 3rd Place National Newscasting ASNC 2021, UIN SGD Bandung; 2nd Place Presenter of the 2022 National Education Day Party, Jendral Sudirman University; 1st Place for National Newscasting Dies Natalis 33 Poltekbang Palembang 2022; 1st Place National Newscasting STIKES Banyuwangi English Competition, STIKES Banyuwangi 2022; 1st Winner of the National News Anchor Contest Widyatama Journalism Festival 2022, Widyatama University Bandung 2022. Meanwhile, Desti Fitriyani’s achievements: 2nd Place in Newscasting at the 2019 Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Language, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship (OBMW) Olympiad; Newscasting semifinalist at Brawijaya English Tournament 2021; Newscasting Finalist at SEF English Competition (SECTION) 2021; Newscasting Finalist at Polije English Competition (PEC) 2021; 1st Winner of Newscasting at Stikes Banyuwangi English Competition 2022. And for Silvia Damayanti: First winner of News Casting National Competition Stikes Banyuwangi 2022.

Suprayogi, SS., M. Hum. The Competition Supervisor and Head of the English Literature Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia was satisfied with the achievement of the National 1st Winners achieved by his students.

“Hopefully the achievements achieved by Andi and his team will motivate and inspire other students. And thank you to Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia who always supports and facilitates the process of implementing the News Casting Contest so that it can become the National 1 Champion.”

Vice Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. Very Proud of the National Achievement of News Casting which always gets 1st National Champion. “This is very proud for Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, because every National News Casting Competition that is followed, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia always register their names as Champions. Thanks to Andi and the team, hopefully this achievement can trigger other students to be enthusiastic about competing and becoming champions.”