Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Won 4th Winner of Mekhanai Lampung Province 2022 Competition

The Muli Mekhanai event, Lampung Province 2022 on Thursday, August 4, 2022, was held at the Radisson Hotel Lampung. Fabia Yuwenbi, a student of Informatics ofUniversitas Teknokrat Indonesia, came out as the 4th Winner of Mekhanai Lampung 2022.

Fabia (his nickname) is one of the representatives of Mekhanai, Tanggamus district. The activity which was attended by approximately 46 participants consisting of 24 Muli and 22 Mekhanai from Regencies – Cities throughout the province of Lampung was won by Muli from Tulang Bawang and Mekhanai from Peswaran Regency. The Muli Mekhanai activity in Lampung Province was opened directly by the Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi.

The Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi in his speech, said that the role of Muli and Mekhanai is as Lampung Tourism Ambassadors who must be able to become role models, inspire and motivate the younger generation to continue to develop their potential and capacity by continuing to learn.

Muli Mekhanai must also have broad insight, especially in the field of tourism to be able to promote tourism potential and community creativity in Lampung Province. This tourism insight includes the diversity of cultures, traditions, objects, and tourist destinations of Lampung province. He also hopes that muli and mekhanai will play an active role in promoting tourism in the province of Lampung and participate in national-level events to make Lampung Province proud to create a successful Lampung.