Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students
Passed 2022 Student Creativity Program Funding

The good news came from ASEAN’s best private university Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. This time, students of the Civil Engineering S1 Study Program, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) succeeded in obtaining funding for the 2022 Student Creativity Program organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

The funding was obtained in the field of exact research with the research title “Lightweight Concrete Foam Volcanic Sand as Residential Floor Plates” chaired by Wawan Kurniawan with members Rendy Pratama, Fahri Aulia Hasbi, Ilham Arga Taqwa, undergraduate students of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia .The four students were guided by Lecturer Rio Aditomo, S.T., M.T. Lecturer of the Civil Engineering Study Program, FTIK UTI.

Rio Aditomo as the supervisor said that the key to the success of their proposal was inseparable from the support from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Campus in carrying out a series of activities carried out in order to support the making of the Student Creativity Program (PKM) proposal. These activities include socialization, mentoring, and review of proposals carried out internally through the Student Affairs division of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia which is fully supported by the Vice Rector III for Student Affairs and Alumni, M. Najib Dwi Satria, S.Kom., M.T.

Najib said that Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia through UTI Student Affairs fully supports this Student Creativity Program and is one of UTI’s priority programs. Najib also stated the preparation of the Creativity Program. This student has been implemented since 2021, so the submitted proposals are expected to be in accordance with the provisions and guidelines.

As for other achievements of this achievement student, Endy Pratama and Ilham Arga Taqwa won the National 2nd Place in the Bridge Contest, while Wawan Kurniawan was the 2nd Winner of the National Photography.

Vice Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. welcomes this achievement although it still has to be optimized again in the following year. Mahathir said that this achievement could be a good start and would continue to be re-evaluated so that in the following year there could be more Student Creativity Program proposals that could be funded from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia.