Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students Obtained 1st and 3rd Place Winners of Lampung Province Student Art Week 2022

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students won first and third place in the Photography Competition in the 2022 Provincial Student Art Week.
The first-place winner was Junico Ade Setiawan from the Information Systems Study Program. Meanwhile, the third-place winner was Bagas Pratama Hidanto from the Informatics Study Program.
This competition was attended by 17 students from several campuses in Lampung.
In response to this, Vice-Rector, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, S.E., M.M. expressed his joy. Mr. Mahathir said that this is once again proof that Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is not only reliable in academics. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students are also skilled and excel in other fields. This time in the scope of photography.
Mr. Mahathir said that winning first place was also supported by the full support of the foundation and campus.
Mr. Mahathir said that for every event that students participate in, the foundation provides full support.
Mr. Mahathir wants the students’ abilities in the field of photography to be further developed in the future.
Mr. Mahathir also wants this achievement to trigger other extracurricular activities to make similar achievements at the provincial, national, and even international levels.
Mr. Mahathir also expressed his gratitude for the guidance of the lecturers related to this competition. He believes that without the role of a mentor, the results will not be optimal. He believes that the synergy between students and supervisors can increase campus achievements in the future.