Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students Mabit at Asmaul Yusuf Mosque Create Generations of Noble & Achievement Morals

New students Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia took part in the night of faith and piety or mabit at the Asmaul Yusuf Mosque on the local campus, Saturday night, 24/9/2022.
Mabit’s goal is to form a generation of noble character. In addition, creating a generation that is pious and has brilliant achievements in all fields.
The event was attended by Vice Rector Dr HM Mahathir Muhammad SE MM and a number of lecturers.
In last night’s activity, new students were taught about proper ablution by Bagus Sifaq Rahmatulloh.
The committee invited Ustaz Priyono to give religious material last night. Priyono gave material about the young generation with noble character. He invited all new Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students to equip themselves with faith and piety as well as sufficient religious knowledge. Thus, they can live life on campus and religious life well.

Last night’s event started with congregational Maghrib prayers, dinner, congregational Isha prayers, spiritual studies, muhasabah or self-evaluation, as well as the introduction of guidance on reading the Koran.
This morning the event ended which was marked by dawn in congregation, reading the Almatsurat prayer in congregation, morning exercise, and ending with the Duha prayer.
Mahathir Muhammad said this kind of mabit activities in the future will be further improved in quantity and quality. Mahathir believes that this way the campus can provide a good religious provision. In addition, it forms the noble personality of each student.
Mahathir said he was happy to be able to spend the night with the lecturers and students. In this way, true friendship and friendship will be created.

Mahathir also encouraged all new students to prepare for lectures. He also encouraged all new students to optimize their potential in their respective fields. Including preparing to represent the campus in various competitions at the provincial, national, and even international levels.