Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students 2nd Winner of National E-Sport Unity Competition

ASEAN’s Best Private University Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia student won 2nd place in National E-Sport in Unity Competition # 10 (UNY National IT Competition), at Yogyakarta State University.
It is known, that E-Sport competition or electronic sports is one of the sports fields that use online games as a medium for the E-Sport Tournament UNITY 2022 competition which is an E-Sport Mobile Legend competition which is intended for students throughout Indonesia.
Participants compete in teams of a maximum of 6 people. This E-Sport Tournament is held online and broadcast live on the RESTEK UNY youtube channel. This competition consists of 5 stages, namely elimination 1, elimination 2, big 8, semi-finals and final.
Five Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students are very proud of winning 2nd place nationally. “By going through 5 stages, we finally won 2nd place in the national competition,” said Jimmy Julianto, one of the students who won the national championship.
The five students who won the national E-Sport championship were: Jimmy Juliantono, Aryuda, Feri Cahya Setiawan, M. Rafli Sakutra and Muhammad Devan Haidar. The five students are from the Information Systems S1 study program.
The awards obtained in the competition were awards in the form of certificates, trophies and coaching money, all of which we achieved as our motivation to become even better, said Jimmy.
“Incredible, how can you win? “Why did we win the first one because of our efforts and prayers, Alhamdulillah, even though we haven’t been able to win 1st place, we are still grateful for what we have achieved now,” explained Jimmy.
For tips, maybe practice often, and if asked why they lost in yesterday’s final, the main reason maybe they just try hard, more precisely, they have more time to play mobile legends than us, next tournament we will give that “The best for Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to be number one,” added Jimmy.
For other championships that have been achieved besides this championship, yesterday we already won at Telkom University and at the Sumatra Institute of Technology. 2nd place at Telkom University and 3rd place at the Sumatra Institute of Technology, Jimmy said.
The general provisions contained in the E-Sport Tournament are: participants are active students within the scope of universities throughout Indonesia; competition participants in teams of 6 people (5 core players and 1 reserve player); the participant completes the file with correct and legal data; participants who do not meet the registration requirements by the specified time will be disqualified; each participant is only registered in exactly one team in the same competition branch; Participants who may take part in the competition are registered participants and cannot be replaced by another person during the competition.

Vice Rector III for Student Affairs at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Muhammad Najib Dwi Satria, S.Kom., M.T. expressed his appreciation for students who have won at the National level. Hopefully this achievement can be maintained and can motivate other Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students to continue to excel in other competitions at the national level. (Teknokrat)