Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia PKM Making Mathematics Learning Evaluation Media at Vocational High School South Lampung

ASEAN’s Best Private University Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia carried out Community Service activities for Al-Huda Jatiagung Vocational School Students, South Lampung on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

The activity carried out was training in making evaluation media for Mathematics learning using Quizizz. The integration of science and technology is needed by students in the teaching and learning process. One of the web tools that can be used in learning is Quizziz. This web tool is used to create interactive quiz games that are used in classroom learning. The created interactive quiz has up to four answer options including the correct answer and an image can be added to the background of the question.

Quizizz can provide data and statistics about student performance results directly. Quizizz can not only be done when learning in class, but also can be made questions for homework, so that it can be played anytime and anywhere by students as long as it does not exceed the predetermined time limit. The interesting thing about Quizizz is that there is a score obtained by answering quickly and accurately, the speed will have its own score. In addition, there will be competition, because quizizz immediately creates live rankings between participants.

Based on the results of interviews with mathematics teachers at SMK Al-Huda Jatiagung, South Lampung, evaluation and online learning were carried out through Google Classroom and WhatsApp. This causes a lack of motivation from students towards learning at school. On the other hand, mathematics is not a favorite subject for Al-Huda Vocational High School students. Based on the results of interviews with several students, they found mathematics difficult to understand and uninteresting. From these two data, the PKM team at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia felt that students needed to receive training in making Mathematics evaluation media using Quizizz. This activity is expected to be able to optimize learning outcomes and evaluate online learning at the school, especially in Mathematics.

The team of lecturers involved in this training was Nicky Dwi Puspaningtyas, M.Pd., and Putri Sukma Dewi, M.Pd. from Mathematics Education Study Program with Student Team Intan Mauliya and Putri Meilia Asmara. This activity was opened by the Deputy for School Public Relations at SMK AL-Huda Jatiagung, Mr. Joko Widodo and was also attended by the Deputy Principal for Curriculum, Mrs. Sri Murtiniwati, the teacher council, and laboratory assistants.

Due to the need for computer equipment and an internet network, the training is carried out in the Computer Laboratory. The training begins with the Preliminary Test to see the students’ initial ability to Quizizz. After that, training was carried out by a team of lecturers and students of the Mathematics Education Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. The training consisted of introducing features on the Quizizz Platform, theory to practice in making mathematical evaluation media using Quzizz. The final test was carried out to close the series of training activities so that the final data on students’ knowledge about Quizizz media was obtained. In addition, two of the training participants with the most interesting Quzizz content were given souvenirs from the PKM team at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia as a form of appreciation.

This training is important to carry out so that students can adapt to the times and technology. Technology-based learning will simplify the process of delivering material and make students more motivated in learning.

The Al-Huda Vocational School felt that this training activity was very beneficial for students. In addition to improving students’ abilities and skills in learning, this training is also felt to increase students’ enthusiasm for learning and motivate students to continue their studies to college. (Teknokrat)