Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia and the Bandar Lampung Police held the third stage of vaccination at the Dr HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA Student Center. local campus today, Wednesday, 9/2/2022.
The Best Private University in Sumatra has always supported government activities, including with Vaccine III, 300 vaccines were carried out yesterday with publications and according to the Covid-19 cluster protocol.
Chancellor Dr. HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA., represented by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE. MM., said that this vaccination was attended by the big family of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia consisting of lecturers, staff, students and residents around the campus as well as members of the Kedaton Police.

The Chancellor hopes that the vaccination will run smoothly without any problems. He also appealed to all big families of technocrats to take vaccinations to maintain immunity from COVID-19.

The Chancellor said that protection with vaccines was needed. Moreover, the level of virus pressure with the Omicron variant is increasingly widespread. He also reminded everyone to strictly implement health protocols.

He is grateful that this time he can still synergize with the Bandar Lampung Police. Thus, there is a synergy to protect the community in order to avoid exposure to the corona virus. The Chancellor said that the Student Center, Dr. HM. Nasrallah Yusuf, MBA. open to this activity without paying. This has become the campus’s commitment to make a significant contribution to society. A representative building provides a comfortable atmosphere in every event that is held. Including the administration of the third stage of the vaccine this time.

Since morning, the campus residents have been in the student arena. Starting from registration, they underwent tests and consultations with doctors before being vaccinated. Prospective vaccine recipients are checked for body temperature, blood pressure, and previous illnesses. After it is deemed sufficient and possible, then the prospective recipient is vaccinated. Vaccine III does have a condition that is 6 months away from the second vaccine, all those who get vaccine III must follow these requirements.

After the vaccine, participants were asked to sit first for about half an hour for observation. So far, no side effects have been suffered by vaccine recipients. After that, they can take pictures by showing the certificate printed on the location. During the implementation, all involved implemented health protocols properly. The seats are also spaced so they are not close together.

Bandar Lampung Police Chief Kombes Pol Ino Harianto, S.IK. represented by the Head of the Kedaton Police, Kompol Atang Syamsuri, S.H., said that the collaboration between the Police and the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia was not the only time. In several vaccination events, the TNI and Polri always cooperate with the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, the Campus of the Champion, which is led by the Chancellor Dr. HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA. this.

Kompol Atang said, the Indonesian Technocrat University became an educational entity that deserves thumbs up because of its awareness to form communal immunity with this vaccination. He believes that with this vaccination, the desired communal immunity will be created. Kompol Atang also expressed his gratitude for the excellent service in this phase III vaccination. He admitted that he was impressed by the Rector’s friendly welcome to his office. In fact, he was immediately invited to stay in a special room for the Chancellor.

Kompol Atang Syamsuri also responded to the willingness of the Indonesian Technocrat University academic community to make this phase III vaccination a success. He hopes that all lecturers and staff here are healthy and can carry out their duties in educating the nation’s children well and in good health. He said the Dr HM Nasrullah Yusuf Sports Center was worthy and very representative to hold vaccinations. The location in the city center and the spacious building make this location very possible. It can also run health protocols. Seating arrangements for those who want to be vaccinated are also in accordance with the rules of social distancing. It is difficult to do if held elsewhere.

He emphasized that the contribution of this campus deserves to be an example for other educational institutions. In addition to being responsive to the acceleration of phase III vaccination, it is also a form of community service. Vice Chancellor of the Indonesian Technocrat University Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. Thank you for trusting the Bandar Lampung Police. He was also grateful that the officers from the Kedaton Police were quick to oversee this phase III vaccination from start to finish. Mahathir wants this kind of cooperation to be further enhanced in the future. Especially in the realm of jointly protecting Bandar Lampung residents from exposure to the corona virus. (Teknokrat)