Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia ASEAN’s best private university, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Management Study Program and collaboration with the Faculty of Educational Literature (FSIP) Mathematics Study Program, carrying out Social Services Program (PKM) of the target school at SMK Yadika Bandar Lampung, which is located at Jalan Soelarno Hatta, Labuhan Dalam, this activity will last for two days on March 14-15, 2022.
The PKM activities of the Assisted Schools involve a team of lecturers from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, namely Dian Novita, S.E., M.M. Almira Devita Putri, SAP., MAB. and Sugama Maskar, M. Pmat. In addition to the lecturer team, PKM activities involve outstanding students, namely Resky Eldiansyah, Ichsan Danuarta, Julian Ardi Ananda, and Nyoman Gita Gayatri.

This PKM activity was attended by teachers and students of SMK Yadika Bandar Lampung, with the theme “Development of Self-Potentials through Sharpening Logic and Introduction of Business Insights in the Digital Age”.
In the PMB activity the Fostered School was opened by the Deputy Principal for curriculum, Mr. Doharta Situmorang, S.pd., in his remarks he said that SMK Yadika Bandar Lampung was very happy and also lucky to be selected as a fostered school in this PKM program. On this occasion, the Deputy Principal advised that students who are accompanied by school teachers can take advantage of the opportunity of this activity to be useful as a provision for students to be able to compete in this digital era. With this activity, the Principal hopes that “the digital skills that students have learned at SMK Yadika Bandar Lampung will be more complete with the honing of business insights in the digital era.” We thank Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for the PKM of the fostered schools and hopefully it can be re-established with different activities, concluded the Principal in his speech.

Students of SMK Yadika Bandarlampung seemed enthusiastic about the arrival of the PKM TEAM of the Fostered School from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, several students asked questions in the activity.
The good relationship between SMK Yadika Bandar Lampung and UTI was further strengthened by the existence of a cooperation agreement (MoU) related to the fields of Education, Research and Community Service which was signed by both Parties in March 2022.
The PKM activities under the guidance of the School at SMK Yadika Bandar Lampung were coordinated by Dian Novita, S.E., M.M. FEB lecturer at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia who focuses on the field of Marketing. The purpose of this activity is to open students’ insights about business in the digital era, convey to students that business ideas can come from hobbies that they enjoy and can start from simple ideas but with a combination of technology. Business insight and the ability to analyze business ideas with statistical logic, these simple ideas become extraordinary ideas that are even more important. Businesses can run not only seasonally or following trends but students are also given insight on how to keep a business long and growing.
This School-Based PKM activity is an effort of the Management Study Program and the Mathematics Study Program to become superior in Indonesia and support Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia as the best private university in ASEAN.
Vice Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. expressed his hope that this PKM Assisted School activity can provide useful provisions for preparation for a bright future for Yadika Bandar Lampung Vocational School students in this Digital Era.
Besides that, students who are involved in PKM Assisted Schools can also learn to manage activities and communicate with people from various backgrounds, said Mahathir.