Tips for Saving Monthly Money for Overseas Students

A student has many responsibilities, because he must be able to think about how his life will be in the future. Students who live far from their parents or migrate are required to manage their own finances. Because parents will definitely send money to their children once a week or even once a month. So, students must be able to use the money according to their needs.

Here are some tips to save money for overseas students:

  • Making a Monthly Budget, Making a monthly budget for students is very necessary, because a student must be able to estimate how much money comes in and goes out. This makes it easier for us to manage finances according to our needs.

  • Buy Less Buying Unnecessary Items, Students who are far from their parents must be able to save on shopping, don’t be easily tempted by something that costs a lot. If an item can still be borrowed, it’s better if we just borrow it and the money can be used for more important things.
  • Find Discounts, As students, we must be able to find information related to existing discounts, but don’t miss shopping. Must stay in accordance with the money we have budgeted. Discounts will help us save expenses and can get other items.
  • Better Try to Borrow, As children from overseas, we must learn to socialize well with other people. With good communication you can borrow books from friends, seniors or at the library. In addition, you can also use the internet for e-books of the books you need. So we can set aside money for savings for future needs.
  • Take Care of Health, Staying away from parents, maybe getting sick is one thing we worry about. Apart from having no one to care for and take care of when you are sick, college assignments also become neglected. Not to mention if you have to go to a doctor whose treatment costs are certainly not small, this will make our expenses even more.
  • Choosing Transportation Carefully Choosing, transportation is one way to save money for students. Sometimes students want to look cool in front of their friends and go to campus by car, even though from the boarding house to campus they can ride a bicycle or motorcycle taxi and even walk. Be smart in choosing transportation so that we can save more money.
  • Saving, Everyone should learn to save from an early age by setting aside a little of our pocket money. We can learn to be frugal by saving and managing our expenses. If one day we need money urgently, we can use savings for it.