After the Curriculum Vitae (CV) as a requirement in applying for a job, a job application letter is also relatively crucial in the job application process. The process before reading the CV, of course, the recruiter team will first read your application letter. From this, we as applicants certainly need to compose an attractive job application letter. We need to first know the function of a job application letter, then after that we understand what points are needed to fill in a job application letter.

Job Application Letter Functions

The function of a job application letter has 3 main functions in a job application letter, namely:

As a Sign of Submission in a Job Application

By submitting a job application letter, it is proof that someone is doing the application process to work in an agency, and the things submitted by job applicants are formal or official. Companies will not hesitate to process job applications and make them one of the material for consideration for job applicants.


As a Communication Tool for Applicants to Agencies

Not only as a job application letter, any letter made will serve as a sense of communication that contains a variety of information that is certainly needed by the recruiter team in the assessment. In this case, the information data needed by the recruiter is the identity and personal data of the applicant. The information is attached to the diploma, curriculum vitae, ID card to work experience.

Used As Consideration Of The Recruitment Team

The information obtained by the recruiter team will later be used as a consideration for recruiters whether to accept the application to become a new employee or reject it. Of course, the job competition is tough, therefore, prepare well all the necessary documents when applying for a job, including a cover letter. Job applications can be handwritten or typed on a computer. The content of the job application letter is attempted not to be too long but clear, concise, full of emphasis on the purpose. A job application letter will be sent along with a CV and other supporting documents such as a diploma and portfolio.

Make a Good and Correct Job Application Letter

Broadly speaking, there are no rules on how to write a job application letter. However, these tips can be used as a reference for making a good cover letter. There are several things to consider when writing a job application letter. The process is to describe yourself well and attractively but don’t be too arrogant or even too humble. use language that is easy to understand, concise, clear, and concise. Avoid repeating sentences without explanation, using ineffective sentences, incorrect spelling, and using poor grammar. Mention the experiences, achievements and achievements that we have achieved. That way, recruiters will be more considerate of your application.


Use language that is easy to understand, concise and not long-winded. Pay attention to tidy up the language, avoid unnecessary repetition of terms and wrong spelling of terms. Making a job application letter in English can add points of consideration for the recruiter team. But don’t force yourself to write in English if your skills are not good enough. As mentioned above, the contents of the job application letter should not be long-winded. Tell the company that we want the position we want by having qualified skills in that field as well. Also explain how we are able to contribute maximally to the company.