Tips for creating a good first impression. It is important to be aware of how one meets another during the first meeting. Everything from clothing style and posture to conversation topics can be adjusted to form a better first impression. A person’s physical appearance has a significant impact on their life experiences and opportunities. For the most part, attractive people enjoy many perks and advantages. It takes only seven seconds to make a first impression. People will quickly judge another person’s trustworthiness, physical strength, and intentions to harm based on subtle facial and vocal cues. These traits may vary slightly across cultures. For example, several studies have found that Chinese people form first impressions based on competence.

Tips to Create a Good First Impression

How do you implement it so that the first impression you give to other people is a positive impression? And what are the tips that can be applied in order to create a good first impression? Here are tips on how to behave in order to make a good impression

1. Be Positive

Don’t forget when you meet new people, try to open the conversation with a friendly smile, make sure the other person is comfortable with the conversation you started. Make a positive topic, it would be better if you want to discuss things that are viral or are being talked about a lot at that time. The most important thing is to be polite and courteous, especially if the person you meet and interact with is older than you.

2. Body language needs attention

Body language or body language or showing how and who you are, try to move politely and positively. However, stay confident, relax and maintain an open posture but not excessive.

3.Eye Contact when Talking to Your Interlocutor

Eye contact also helps you appear more honest, creating a more intimate and memorable relationship. However, pay attention to this portion of eye contact, too, don’t overdo it. Because if you make too much eye contact, it can lead to something contracting or scary. Meanwhile, if too little will also result in looking shy, so please make eye contact with a reasonable portion.

4. Maintaining Posture

Don’t forget to also pay attention to your posture when dealing with new people we meet. Because body posture can affect the perception of others.

Apart from the attitude we need to pay attention to and do when meeting new people, appearance is also important to make a good first impression.

Here are some dressing tips so you can create a good first impression:

1.Always dress neatly;

2.Make sure you don’t have body odor and always smell good;

3.Using makeup (for women) to make the face look fresh;

4.Arrange hair so that it is always neat;

5.Caring for the body to stay ideal.

A few tips for creating a good first impression and tips on how to look good. Hopefully it will be useful and we can become a better person.