Best PTS Sumatra The learning process is an obligation that must be carried out by students in the process of gaining knowledge. The learning process must of course be carried out in a good way, students who study well will certainly result in increased skills, progress of thinking, expansion of knowledge, increased self-esteem which is increasingly humble, like rice the more filled it will be more bent. This must be reflected in students, the more self-fulfilling their abilities are, the more humble they will be, not boasting. There are still many students who find it difficult to learn. The following are tips for learning efficiently which are of course also effective which will have a real impact on learning.

Create the Most Comfortable Learning Atmosphere

How to build and create a comfortable learning atmosphere. Here’s how you can do it, the first is that we can listen to our favorite music while studying, make a list of favorite songs to create the best learning mood, besides that we can study in other places that make us comfortable, such as in the library, beside a lake, by a river. , study at the cafe in the garden area and can also be in the AC room. Changing the position of the study room or changing the appearance of the study room for every several levels of time or periodically can provide and create a new, fresh atmosphere that creates new enthusiasm.

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Make a Summary of Learning Points

The learning process is very necessary in recording the existing learning points. Why should we summarize?, The picture is like this we read 1 book in full it will take a very long time to finish 1 book. Summarizing will certainly take the essence of the lesson. The benefits will make it easier in terms of remembering, of course, also making it easier for us to understand the essence of existing learning.

Doing Study Together with Friends

Another method that is effective is forming a group learning atmosphere with friends which is done in a relaxed manner so that it makes our brains relax in receiving knowledge or lessons that must be captured. The process of gathering with friends, of course, there will be a discussion process, we will get a lot of knowledge from the results of arguing that we don’t get when studying alone. Together, of course, it will make it easier to work together with each other.

Learning While Practicing Practice

Learning while practicing is one effective way. Well, learning while practicing will make you feel fun and you won’t feel bored, for example we learn about Botany or Invertebrates in science lessons. We can learn and while observing plants and others so we will feel the fun too.

Often Study Routinely with a Short Duration

Regular learning will make it easier for us to remember the subjects we learn, and the more we read, the easier it will be to remember. One thing to remember is that you need to study regularly, not study too long. For example, study in the morning for 40 minutes, study in the afternoon for 30 minutes, study in the afternoon for 50 minutes and at night before sleeping for 1 hour. This method has proven to be effective for studying and keeping our minds relaxed.

Learning by Simply Understanding Not Learning to Memorize Yes

The thing we do most often is to force us to understand the course by memorizing what else when we are going to face an exam. This will weigh heavily on our minds. It’s actually a less effective way. The effective way is to understand what the theory is and then we will automatically remember it during the exam.