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  • 18 August

The Rector and the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) The ASEAN’s Best Private University held a ceremony to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, on the local campus yard.

Rector of UTI, Dr. HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA., became a ceremonial inspector.

The reading of the text of the proclamation was read by the Vice-Rector, Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. The opening of the 1945 Constitution was read by the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Muhammad Najib Dwi Satria, S. Kom., MT., and the Commander of the Ceremony was Achmad Yudi Wahyudi, M.Pd., Vice-Rector for Cooperation and General Affairs.

The 77th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony was also attended by the Trustees of the Teknokrat Education Foundation, Hj. Hernaini, SS., M.Pd., and Chairperson of the Teknokrat Education Foundation, Dewi Sukmasari, SE., MSA., CA., Akt.

The national anthem, Indonesia Raya, and some national anthems were performed by a local student choir.

In his mandate, the Rector motivated all parties to interpret this independence by actively participating in development. In the context of education, the Chancellor also said that the campus strives to be strong, rise, and competitive to prepare graduates who are ready to work as professionals and businessmen who open businesses for the community.

Mr. Nasrullah said that the pandemic over the past two years should not slow us down. Therefore, Mr. Nasrullah invites the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia academic community to be tough and tough in facing global competition. For that, Mr. Nasrullah asked all lecturers and students and the full support of the foundation to have competitiveness. This competitiveness will leverage our competence to be better than others.

Mr. Nasrullah said Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia had prepared an online learning scheme long before the pandemic. The Rector said since 2014 Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has prepared all adequate infrastructure for this learning model. The reason is, several lecturers are studying master’s and doctoral studies so that lectures must be carried out online.
“So, even though they are studying, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia lecturers still prioritize their teaching duties. Therefore, online learning facilities have been prepared long before we enter the pandemic period for the past two years,” he said.

Mr. Nasrullah also supports the government’s program so that we can recover faster, and rise stronger.

Mr. Nasrullah believes that his party can raise the nation’s education and be competitive.
“What we raise is educating the nation,” he said.

Mr. Nasrullah said all parties must be ready to face this post-pandemic endemic period. Including in the realm of education. All must be ready to return to face-to-face learning and absorb lessons on campus so that there is the interaction between teachers and students.

Mr. Nasrullah was convinced that Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has the capacity for that. Because from the beginning he invited all lecturers to give the optimal for their students.
Thus, the hope to become a competitive campus can be realized, especially after UTI obtained UniRank’s ranking based in Sydney, Australia, for the size of PTN and PTS in Indonesia, in position 15.
“Happy Indonesian Independence Day, Happy Republic of Indonesia,” concluded Nasrullah.