Teknokrat Indonesia University, which has entered the ranks of the Asean Best Private University, prepares graduates who are ready to work, in accordance with the Vision and Mission that has been developed, one of which is to produce graduates who have superior competencies.

Teknokrat Indonesia University Alumni

One of the alumni of Teknokrat Indonesia University, Deas Andrian Dwi Jaya, is now working at PT Bank Mandiri Persero. He was once placed at the Tulangbawang Sub-Branch Office.

However, Deas will be rotated to the Way Halim Sub-Branch Office, Bandar Lampung. Deas is in charge of providing services for cash deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers, and in connection with all transactions at Bank Mandiri.

Deas Andrian Dwi Jaya Career at PT Bank Mandiri Persero admits Personality Science Forms Professional Work Attitude, which he obtained while studying at the Champion’s green campus. Not only a champion in college achievement, but a champion in the world of work, said Deas.

Deas had a Good and Strong impression while studying at Teknokrat Indonesia University which was recently confirmed as the best private university in ASEAN.

Deep Impression of Best PTS Teknokrat Indonesia University Lectures

Studying at Teknokrat Indonesia University, the champion’s green campus is very impressive.

Deas explained, there are many things that can be taken from an academic or non-academic perspective, all the knowledge that I got earlier can be applied in the workplace now.

Deas admitted, in terms of communication, dress, and relevant academic knowledge, Deas received during his studies at the Best PTS Teknokrat Indonesia University.

Deas expressed his gratitude to Teknokrat Indonesia University for making itself better and able to develop in the world of work.

Deas added that his studies at Teknokrat Indonesia University can be well practiced in the workplace. Deas emphasized that what all lecturers from Teknokrat Indonesia University gave was very useful for the development of his personality and career now.

Deas said that Deas is accustomed to a timely work rhythm, optimal at work, and has a mission to complete all work with excellent results.

Deas also did not forget to invite him to join the best private private universities in ASEAN because it is through this university that Dias can become the person he is today.

Deputy Dean of FTIK Teknokrat Indonesia University

The curriculum at Teknokrat Indonesia University based on KKNI and Outcome Base Education so that FTIK UTI alumni are ready to work according to the field of study they are pursuing, said Deputy Dean of FTIK Teknokrat Indonesia University, Dr. Si. Dedi Darwis, M. Kom.

Vice Rector of Teknokrat Indonesia University

Vice Rector of Teknokrat Indonesia University Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. responded well to Deas’ career. Mahathir said, Deas is one of the alumni who can work well. So far, said Mahathir, while on campus, Deas has shown brilliant achievements.

Teknokrat Indonesia University does provide personality knowledge to all students. With the hope, when working or opening up employment opportunities, they are able to carry out their activities optimally. This includes polite, elegant and customer-satisfying attitudes and behavior, said Mahathir.

Teknokrat Indonesia University, provides all useful knowledge and can be practiced at work. Therefore, he asked all the academic community of this campus to be committed to maintaining the quality of lectures. Including putting forward a personality that becomes an example for others, said Mahathir. (Teknokrat)