Company Gives Appreciation for Students of PKL Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia The Best PTS Sumatra

Companies in Bandar Lampung Appreciate Students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Field Work Practice (PKL).

To give more value to students, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) as the best University in Sumatra organizes the PKL program, a number of students take part in this program every year.

The purpose of street vendors in Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

The PKL program aims to improve skills and experience as well as broaden students’ horizons about the world of work, it is hoped that by joining this program students will be better prepared to enter the world of work and have high competitiveness in the labor market.

Compulsory PKL for Students Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

According to Dian Novita, S.E., M.M., a UTI lecturer and as the PKL Coordinator at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, the PKL program is carried out regularly every year and PKL is carried out in 3 periods, namely after the even semester, odd semester and short semester.

This PKL program is specifically intended for fourth semester students, student participation in this program is mandatory as a condition to be able to compile a thesis as a graduation requirement.

Equipped with UTI Student Skills Before PKL

Before carrying out street vendors, students have been provided with various skills that are also a requirement for students to be able to take part in street vendors such as the use of computer applications needed in the world of work, namely: microsoft office, myob and graphic design in addition to communication skills and basic marketer skills as well as secretarial skills such as letters. correspondence, documenting data, arranging meetings, etc. must also be mastered by students, besides that students who will be street vendors also receive briefing about the world of work both from internal and external parties.

For street vendors for the odd semester period yesterday, students were motivated by the world of work. In this event, students gained insight into the world of work, which is expected to make students more prepared to carry out street vendors.

Dean of FEB, Universitas Teknokrat indonesia Best PTS Sumatra

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM., said that the implementation of student street vendors is not just an academic problem or to fulfill credits, but what is more important is to increase students’ ability to interact socially in the world of work so that they can enrich students’ knowledge of the theories they have learned. obtained during the study period on campus.

Implementation of PKL Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia The Best PTS Sumatra

The odd semester PKL period which started in November 2021 just ended in January 2022, in this odd PKL period there were more than 100 students of the Management and S1 Accounting study programs who took part in street vendors and involved 61 company partners consisting of government agencies, private and state-owned companies.

Most of the company partners, both government agencies and BUMN or private companies that have accepted PKL students from the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, are very satisfied with the student’s performance while carrying out PKL.

Company Appreciation of Company Appreciation of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia PKL Students

Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Bandar Lampung, Ir. Akhmad Nasrudin, really appreciates the existence of PKL students from the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia and he hopes that the collaboration between UTI and BPS is not only limited to PKL activities but can be expanded further in other fields of cooperation that can provide benefits to both parties, namely UTI and also BPS. Apart from BPS, the Logistics Business Entity (BULOG) and PT PLN also conveyed the same thing that they were very happy and helped by the UTI PKL program. (teknokrat)