Best PTS Sumatra Writing important articles in the field of Education to make it easier for students to think critically. In addition, writing also makes it easier for someone to feel, enjoy, deepen responsiveness or perception to solve the cases at hand.

Writing Purpose

Writing is not just assembling terms but is a medium of communication between writers and readers. The following are the 4 primary purposes of writing:

1. Providing facts Information is a collection of data or information that has been processed in such a way, as a result to form something that is understood and brings benefits to someone or the reader.

2. Persuade Persuade is a business to convince someone that what he says is true using sweet, seductive and captivating terms. This action is carried out in various ways, one of which is through the writing of a pen. Writing aims to persuade readers to choose behavior, support and agree with the ideas, inspiration or opinions expressed by the author. Because of that, the author must convince the reader to use a persuasive style of language.

3.Educate Educating is one of the goals based on communication through writing. Information or data conveyed through writing will put new insights and knowledge for the readers. Even the strokes of a pen also help hone and increase the level of one’s intelligence. In the end, the writing of the pen renews and contributes to the condition of a person.

4. Entertaining Entertaining is the function and purpose of communication through writing. Because, there are several written works that are intended to entertain the reader, for example short stories, novels or other funny stories. Writing Function The primary function of writing is to be a non-exclusive sense of communication between the writer and the reader. Because, in principle, the writing of the pen expresses the author’s message to his readers.


Writing Function

Because, the writing of a pen will help a person know the cases he is facing with ease. There are also other functions, including:

1. Structuring Function Writing has a function of structuring one’s ideas, thoughts, opinions and fantasies. So that the writing written by the author describes and expresses his ideas, thoughts, opinions and imagination clearly.

2. The function of conveying ideas, thoughts, experiences and fantasies that are poured into a writing explains that writing has a conveying function. Because, it is through the writing of the pen that the author expresses facts, knowledge and messages to his readers. Benefits of Writing Writing is the pouring of inspiration, ideas, feelings as well as images into written media. Thus writing is an activity that trains one’s mind, because writing requires facts and insight to create an essay. With this, it is realized that in pouring inspiration, ideas, feelings and images to share topics, it is expected that facts, knowledge and certificates can form good essays for readers. This activity also helps generate new inspiration, trains the ability to create inspiration, trains objective behavior in others, helps oneself to solve cases and encourages one to be more active in finding facts.

Benefits of Writing

1. Writing Developing Intelligence Writing is a complex activity. The complexity of writing lies in the demand for the ability to harmonize various aspects, for example knowledge of the topic being written, the norm of arranging the contents of the writing in a coherent and easy-to-digest manner, insight and skill in concocting language elements so that writing is easy to read, and the ability to present writings. Synchronous pens use conventions or writing rules. To be able to write for example that. then a prospective writer of which requires the will and ability.

2. Writing Develops the Power of Initiative and Creativity In reading activities, a reader can find everything that is expected, which is available in reading. On the other hand, in writing, one must prepare and supply all of the contents of the writing, questions and answers, illustrations, discussion, and presentation of the writings. So that the writing of the pen is interesting and delicious to read, what is written must be arranged in such a way as to be logical, systematic. and it won’t be boring.

3. Writing Encourages Habits and Cultivates Ability to Find, Gather, and Organize Information The reason people fail at writing is because they do not understand what they are going to write. He doesn’t have any relative facts about the topic to write about, and is lazy to find the facts he needs. At first, someone wrote because he had inspiration. ideas, opinions, or something that is crucial for other people to convey and know from their considerations. These conditions will encourage someone to seek to collect, absorb, and investigate the desired facts based on various sources.

Writing Techniques

Because writing is a process to form a literary work whose origin is based on the mind. So, this activity is not a random activity. There are a number of writing techniques that must be mastered to make pen strokes readable and easy to understand, including:

1.Types of pen strokes Types of pen strokes are a form of writing a literary work that must be influenced first before starting to write. For example, the type of writing that will be chosen is in the form of opinions, descriptions or fantasies that simply entertain the reader. Determining the type of writing will affect the next stages of writing and the message that will be conveyed by the author. Because, the type of writing intended for adult readers and children will be different.


2. Reader’s consideration Reader’s consideration is the reader’s overall response to a single stroke of the pen. It is very important to choose what type of writing will be made to meet the needs of the reader. 3. Public orientation Public orientation is the stage of selecting the target readers of the writing. Determining this public orientation will facilitate the writing process that is being developed, because the author already understands who the message will be conveyed to.

4. Determining the theme and inspiration for writing The theme is the main thought which is the basis for writing and inspiration is the material that will be discussed in writing. The author chooses the theme and idea before writing this by doing research or observation to share facts. So that the writing of the pen will be more contained, in sync with the needs of the reader and more perfectly targeted.

5.Developing inspiration An idea is a topic that will be discussed in a single stroke and aims to put facts. So writers need language skills to share inspiration in the form of writing that is easier to understand.