PTS Terbaik Sumatera Reading is a complex complex skill, which includes and involves a series of smaller skills. There is also the opinion that reading is a psycholinguistic process that aims to build the reader’s understanding of what is being read. Meanwhile, in a simpler sense, reading is an activity that aims to find, see, and know the contents of a reading or writing. Many experts agree that reading is a complex cognitive skill. Reading has a very important role in contributing to the golden generations that bring progress, of course we have a unanimous decision that reading will increase intelligence and knowledge. Who would have thought if they knew that the reading turned out to have a more specific definition, which might not be in sync with our opinions. Yes, it’s called a definition, of course if the context is submitted to one person using another it will be different. Here are some benefits based on the norm of reading books on a regular basis:

Improve Focus and Concentration Ability

When you read a book, the brain will indirectly be stimulated to think systematically so that the meaning of the contents or messages contained in the book can be understood. This systematic thinking habit also automatically trains and accustoms the brain to concentrate and focus on checking or doing something.

Source of Inspiration

Entering the lecture phase, there are many tasks that require creativity and a good understanding of a lot of general knowledge. The climax is at the end of the semester when you are required to write a thesis and you are required to choose a topic and then do research, one of which is by reading a lot of books. If you are used to reading a lot of books, it will certainly help you to receive a new perspective on the perfect topic for the thesis that you are going to write. Of course, using your condition, you have determined which books to read selectively, namely books that are educational, motivating, success stories, or general knowledge.


Widening knowledge

 It is different from using elementary and secondary schools where most of our learning activities are still fully guided by the teacher of each lesson. Entering college, students are required to be more independent and independent in the learning process. Lecturers also tend to ask questions that expect answers from exclusive opinions as well as analysis from news and logic. By frequently reading books, our knowledge will automatically broaden as a result, increasing our ability to answer various questions using more detailed information generated by reading books.

Cultivate Friendship

Those who have more knowledge will generally be respected by those around them. Likewise, what will happen if you are able as a student who understands many things thanks to diligently reading books, will not only help you achieve various achievements on campus but can also strengthen your partners in the association. By reading books often, you will always have interesting topics to discuss with your friends. And by giving this knowledge, you can engage in exciting discussions using friends who have also strengthened partnerships between you and friends and as a forum for exchanging ideas. If you are not used to reading books regularly, it may be difficult at first to find a specific time to read books. Try slowly by reading a book of at least 5 pages every day, then as you get used to it try to gradually enter the reading weight. Imagine, if you try to read only 5 pages a day, in a month you will be able to finish reading a book as thick as 150 sheets, especially later if you have been able to increase the number of pages you read.

Improve Writing Ability

The benefits of reading this one book are still related to using literacy. If we read often, we will get used to using words, sentences, and paragraphs. You can also know the right writing rules over time. As a result, this will make it easier for us to write down what we think neatly and clearly. So, if Pahamifren wants to be good at writing, remember to be diligent in reading books.

Mengasah Kreativitas

When reading books, we are able to find new ideas or ideas that can share creative thinking. Creativity can train us to appreciate others using full empathy. That’s because creative people tend to open up to a lot of new things. The creativity gained from reading books is also useful for training us in telling stories, discussing, or writing writings that are easy for everyone to understand.


The Effect of Reading on Mental Health

The good news does not end there, there are other benefits of reading. Anyone who reads diligently, including students, will receive other benefits. There are many benefits of reading for students ranging from increasing brain power, increasing analytical skills, to increasing concentration. By reading, students will find it easier to check their studies. He will be more proficient at mastering what he has learned so far. When completing college assignments to thesis, reading norms greatly affect the fluency of the study. In addition to having a good impact on student academic activities, reading also has a good impact on mental health. Mental health is the same as using physical health. Both are equally important. The quality of a beautiful life is influenced by how beautiful your physical health and mental health are. One or both are disturbed then we are not able to live a good life. Reading can reduce stress. Reading has a relaxing effect that makes the body more relaxed. 30 minutes can lower blood pressure, heart rate and feelings of depression. Amazingly, reading can reduce signs of depression. Feelings of alienation and isolation experienced by people with depression can be reduced by reading, especially reading fiction books. Fiction books can lead a person to drift into the imagination. This method is able to divert ad interim depression sufferers based on bad thoughts.