Students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) Green Campus the Champion, constantly innovating and creating. His innovation and work this time is the Eco-Friendly Internet of Things (IoT) Biomass Power Plant.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students are guided by competent lecturers in the field of electricity. This is one of the innovations and student works that support one of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia programs, namely the Green Campus and the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has received a UI-Greenmetric certificate as the Best Green Campus in Sumatra.

Student Work of Biomass Power Plant (PLTBM)
The work of Electrical Engineering students this time is the IoT-based Biomass Power Plant (PLTBM) which is a power plant that uses briquettes as fuel. This Innovation Work was guided by Novia Utami Putri, M.T. and Jaka Persada Sembiring, M.Cs.

Biomass Power Plant (PLTBM) is a renewable energy by utilizing environmentally friendly fuels

PLTBM was created to utilize renewable energy because the current utilization in power plants still uses fossil energy, therefore the New Renewable Energy System (SEBT) course seeks solutions to be wiser in using renewable energy that is around us, said Jaka.

Biomass Power Plant Working Principle

The working principle of a biomass power plant is basically like a steam power plant (PLTU). The difference between these two power plants is the fuel. The PLTU plant uses fossil fuels, namely coal, and coal as fuel at the PLTU will run out in the future, explained Jaka.

Meanwhile, biomass fuel uses briquettes that can be reused and will not run out. Briquettes are wood waste that is burned and then compacted. The way it works is that the briquettes are burned to heat the water in the boiler then after boiling it will release steam. The steam will exit through the valve hose to rotate the turbine which is coupled to the generator to produce electrical energy. The results of the briquette ash can be used as plant compost, Novia exposure

Components of Making Biomass Power Plants

In the manufacture of PLTBM requires several components, the required components are unused materials such as air freshener cans as boilers, mosquito repellent cans to store briquette fuel, DVD Player dynamo as fan, DVD cassette and ice cream sticks as turbine and DC printer dynamo as generator. , all of which are easy to obtain, said Novia.

Biomass Power Generation Technology

While the technology used by PLTBM is the Internet of Things using the telegram application on a smart phone. Internet of things (IoT) is a technology that utilizes the internet network.

IoT technology functions for monitoring fans, lights, and water pumps. The fan functions to maintain a stable temperature when the briquettes are burned. The water pump functions as a reservoir for the remaining water from the turbine to be returned to the boiler, while the lamp is an object that is turned on by a biomass power plant.

The results of this student’s work in the Electrical Engineering S1 study program have a project-based program, so students in the final exam will produce a product that can later be useful for the community and can be used as thesis material, Novia explained.

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student Team in Biomass Power Generation

The team of undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering in the Biomass Power Plant are Laurensius Kevin, Fatul Kholik. M., Hendri Saputra, Hengki, Galang Ramadhan, Nanda Dana Pala.

Head of Electrical Engineering S1 Study Program

Head of the S1 Electrical Engineering Study Program Qadli Qadhli Jafar Adrian, Bmm.,, M.I.T. convey the innovation has been tested by practitioners. By inviting practitioners, so that students gain broader insights from the perspective of industry and receive input from industry practitioners to sell their products more and improve the quality of their tools.

The innovations and works of students of the S1 Electrical Engineering Study Program of Environmentally Friendly Internet of Things Biomass Power Plants have been tested by practitioners, namely Dwi Agus Riyanto,.S.T., M.T. as President Director of PT. Indotama Kencana Fans. Dwi Agus said that the innovation work of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students in the field of renewable energy was very innovative, so that in the future these ideas can be utilized in the community.

Deputy Chancellor of UTI Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM.

Vice Chancellor of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. conveying the work of students of the Electrical Engineering S1 study program. This project-based program is strongly supported by the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia which produces innovative works that are environmentally friendly and beneficial to the community. (teknokrat)