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Hello champions, when talking about career opportunities for civil engineering graduates, what we generally think of is a career in construction such as being a contractor, planning consultant, supervisory consultant, BUMN construction employees or fighting for seats as civil servants in PU. It should be known together that career opportunities for civil engineering graduates are also open in the mining sector, in fact the opportunities are very wide.

Mining sector, according to Law Number 4 of 2009 concerning Mineral and Coal Mining (UU No. 4/2009) is part or all of the stages of activities in the context of research, management and exploitation of minerals or coal which include general investigation, exploration, feasibility studies, construction, mining, processing and refining, transportation and sales, and post-mining activities. As defined by the law, the construction sector is one of the activities in mining operations. Therefore, it is clear that civil engineering graduates who are scientifically equipped with construction design knowledge have potential career opportunities in the mining sector.

Benefits of Mining Activities in Career Opportunities

Currently, there are still some negative perceptions among the general public regarding career opportunities in mining activities, especially regarding environmental pollution caused by mining operation waste. This has actually been regulated by the government through its legal products so that if it is managed properly, the waste generated from mining activities should not disturb the harmony of nature, especially the environment around the mining area. The thing that must be known by a champion friend is that almost all industrial machines and electronic devices that we have ever known such as televisions, smartphones, power cables, lights, air conditioners and even laptops that the author is currently using to write articles require copper material as the main component for the device it can work.

Other mining minerals such as aluminum, iron, tin are also useful as basic materials for making aircraft structures, modes of transportation, household products, construction materials and many other things that are used daily by humans. So like it or not or like it or not, mining activities must still be carried out as long as the minerals from the mine cannot be cultivated like plants. A foreign proverb says if you can’t grow it, you have to mine it. Therefore, by being involved in environmentally sound mining activities, it has indirectly helped humans in carrying out and facilitating their daily activities.

Civil Engineering Science There Are Career Opportunities in Mining Activities

Career opportunities for civil engineering graduates can be divided into four activities in mining projects, namely open pit mine operations, underground mine operations, environmental management, and urban planning and development. Then what civil engineering sciences can play a role in these activities?

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Open Mining and Closed Mining Career Opportunities

Buddy champion, Career Opportunities in the world of mineral and coal mining generally there are two mining methods, namely open pit mining and closed (underground) mining. Open pit mining is closely related to the science of slope stability, because in the process of mining activities it will produce pits on the earth’s surface which are increasingly widening according to the depth of excavation. In closed method mining, knowledge of tunnel design and construction is required. Civil engineering science used in open and closed mines is mechanical soil planning (effectiveness of heavy equipment), slope stability, soil surveying, soil compaction, soil and rock mechanics, reinforced concrete structures, and hydrology and engineering hydraulics.

Career Opportunities in Environmental Management

Career Opportunities in the next activity in mining operations, namely everything related to environmental management which includes environmental monitoring, waste management, and reclamation. Champion, as it is well known that environmental management is also a branch of civil engineering, so civil engineering graduates with a concentration in this knowledge should be familiar with all environmental management activities.

Career Opportunities in Urban Planning and Development

Most of the career opportunities in mining operations in the world are located in areas far from the population of urban life such as inland forests, untouched highlands, or deserts of sand and snow. In order for mining employees to feel comfortable working in this isolated environment, the mine management usually builds a special city (residence) around mining activities for employees and their families. Building access roads to isolated areas and building relatively decent housing and infrastructure for employees are important things that mining management does when they decide to carry out mining activities in certain areas. When talking about the construction of a city, it is certain that almost all branches of civil engineering will be involved there, from construction management, land clearing, mechanical soil planning, road geometry engineering, concrete and steel building structures, sheet pile construction, urban area planning to with urban drainage.

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How are you champions? Don’t hesitate to choose a career in mining, especially for individuals who have an adventurous spirit and like the challenges of living in isolated areas. In addition, the income offered in the mining sector can be said to be relatively higher compared to similar types of work in other fields. That’s all I can say about career opportunities for civil engineering graduates in the mining sector. For a more detailed description of the involvement of civil engineering in mining activities, you can follow in the following articles.