Keeping your WA account unhacked with Two Factor Authentication

The Need to Secure Accounts with Two Factor Authentication

Securing WA accounts with Two Factor Authentication is something we need to do. The whatsapp (WA) account is one of the accounts that we must protect so that it does not fall into the hands of irresponsible people. Currently the WA application is widely used by people from all over the world. This is evidenced by the number of downloads of the WA application on the play store which has now reached more than 5 trillion. The WA application is a messaging application that is very easy to use with various very interesting features in it. With various advantages, the WA application is a widely used messaging application. However, there are still many WA users who are not aware of security for various reasons for each user. Even though if the WA account falls to someone else who is not responsible, it can result in unwanted things happening which is certainly very detrimental to the account owner such as disguises and fraud.

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The following are signs that a WA account has been hacked or has been taken over by someone else:

  1. WA account exits the application suddenly
  2. The WA message has read the status even though we haven’t opened the message
  3. A message was sent even though we didn’t send a message
  4. There is a history of Whatsapp Web with unknown devices

Keep WhatsApp Account secure with Two Factor Authentication

One that can be applied is to use the two factor authentication (2FA) feature or 2-step verification that already exists in the WA application. Two-step verification means that when we log in to WA on a new device or when we re-login to the WA application, besides having to enter the One Time Password (OTP) code, we also have to enter the PIN number that we have set. So that by activating this feature, when the OTP WA code has been obtained by someone who is not responsible, then that person still cannot login to the WA application because they have to enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) again in the form of a 6-digit number.

Steps to secure WhatsApp account with Two Factor Authentication

How to secure a WA account using verification with Two Factor Authentication, Here are the steps:

  • Login to the WA application
  • Enter the settings menu by tapping the three dots on the top right of the WA application as shown below, then tap the Settings menu.
  • On the screen that appears, Tap the Account menu
  • Then select two-step verification
  • Lalu aktifkan fitur 2FA atau verifikasi 2 langkah dengan tap tombol Enable seperti gambar berikut.

Why is it necessary to secure WhatsApp?

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  • On the screen that appears enter the PIN 2 times (use a pin that is not easy to guess, but easy to remember, do not use a PIN in the form of a date of birth because it is very easy to guess). Then enter the email address that will be used to confirm the PIN reset if we forget the PIN.
  • Done, If successful it will appear on the HP screen as shown below. To change the PIN can be done by going to the change PIN menu, then do step 6.

That’s how to secure a WA account so that it doesn’t get hacked using the two factor authentication (2FA) method or two-step verification, hopefully it’s useful.