Missouri America – Vina Qurrota Akyuningrum took the time to write a book about the United States. The undergraduate student in English Education, Faculty of Letters and Education, Universitas Technocrats Indonesia, is currently studying in Uncle Sam’s country in the Indonesian-American Global Ugrad Program Student exchange.

Vina Flying the Flag of the Republic of Indonesia “Red and White”

On her chance at the University Central of Missouri Campus, Vina proudly raised the Indonesian red and white flag in her campus area.

Vina, a student at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, writes a novel

Precisely on the campus of the University Central of Missouri. In the midst of busy lecture activities, Vina still finds time to channel her old hobby, namely writing.

Vina has even found the right title, Vina told me, the book she wrote was about to be titled Love Blooms at Namsan Tower.

The book that Vina wrote is a novel type of fiction

The book that Vina wrote is a fiction novel. Vina has always been active in writing. This novel is paid in installments, one page at a time, in between the hectic activities of the lectures taken this semester.

Vina in the midst of her busy life doesn’t want to let even a second of her time be wasted. Apart from studying, talking with his college friends from various countries, visiting libraries and other tourist attractions, he also still maintains his literacy.

Vina’s Achievement by Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Students

Understandably, Vina is also listed as the Lampung Province Language Ambassador. In addition to his good English skills, his mastery of Indonesian, both spoken and written, is unquestionable. In addition to these achievements, Vina Qurrora Akyuningrum's other achievements are winning the first place in the Speech Contest in the Public Health National Competition; First place for national achievement in the English Festival and Vina Qurrota' Akyuningrum won Best Clothing in the Lampung Province Language Ambassador Selection Event. Not only that, Vina is also actively participating in organizational activities on campus.

Novel Generasi Milenial Untuk Memotivasi dan Meyakinkan Diri Mencapai Cita-Cita

Novel ini rencananya akan diterbit oleh penerbit mayor label. Dengan begitu, sasaran pangsa pasarnya lebih besar. Namun, Vina belum memfokuskan ke situ. Vina ingin menjalani masa kuliahnya ini dengan baik dan menorehkan hasil studi yang gemilang.

Vina juga belum memberitahu keseluruhan ide cerita. Vina hanya menjelaskan kisi-kisinya. Intinya, ujar dia, bukunya tentang novel kehidupan.

Millennials need books

In addition, Vina is also interested in books with the theme of self-development or self-improvement. Vina assessed that such a book was important to write because it would take millennials to motivate and convince themselves to achieve their goals.

Vina said that the millennial generation needs to continue to raise their big dreams. The younger generation must keep their dreams and strive to realize them and make them come true by creating and innovating.

Vice Chancellor of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

Vice Chancellor of the Indonesian Technocrat University Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. said that the campus appreciates Vina’s writing culture. Despite studying abroad with many activities, Mahathir praised Vina’s skills.

Mahathir wants Vina’s novel to be realized and needed by young people. So that readers in the country can read the essence of the novel. Mahathir is also pleased that Vina has thought of writing a book on the theme of self-development. Because, this will have a positive impact on those who read. Mahathir stated that the campus fully supports all student activities that can encourage progress for the region, nation and state. And Mahathir believes Vina can be an example for the younger generation of students to continue to take part in various fields of life. (Technocrat)