Students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) Best PTS Sumatra Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) again won the National level, National 1 winner in the National Business Plan Competition organized by the Vocational School of Sebelas Maret University

(UNS), Surakarta.

TEAM OF FEB Students, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia The Best PTS Sumatra

The FEB student team that won this time consisted of four third semester students of the Management Study Program, namely: Julian Ardi Ananda, Resky Eldiansyah, Ichsan Danuarta and Wahyudin. During the competition, the students were guided by two Management lecturers, Dian Novita, S.E., M.M. and Arimbi Priadipa, S.E., M.B.A. Even though they are only in semester 3, these students already have the motivation to excel, as can be seen from their high enthusiasm and confidence to take part in other prestigious national competitions, previously in 2021, Resky and Ichsan were under the guidance of Dian Novita, SE, .MM being participants in a prestigious event for National Management students, namely KBMK, not only that the four of them are also active in organizing, currently they are listed as administrators of the Management Student Association (HIMA), however, even though they are active in activities, their academic achievements are also very satisfying as evidenced by their GPA the four of them are still above 3 out of a scale of 4.

The Best PTS Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia FEB Student Sumatra National Champion in the Agribusiness Category

The competition category that the student team participated in was Agribusiness with the paper title “Export Potential of Gedebok Pisang Herbal Drinks” the title adjusted to the theme of the 2021 UNS Vocational School Business Plan competition, namely “SME’S Acceleration Entering the Export Market Amid a Pandemic”.

Business Idea for FEB Students, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia The Best PTS Sumatra

This time, the business idea raised by a team of FEB students, FEB students at the Best Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, is indeed quite interesting considering that the banana tree is currently on the rise in the world agribusiness market, due to the many health benefits it contains. Not only bananas are beneficial for health, but the banana gedebok can be mixed into herbal drinks that are useful, among others, for curing kidney stone disease, controlling blood pressure and treating stomach acid and is even believed to be able to lose weight. Therefore, it is not surprising that the banana stem or banana stem is priced at a fairly high price in international markets such as the United States, so this can become a very profitable export potential for this country.

Implementation of National Competencies Participated by FEB Students at the Best Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia PTS Sumatra

The National Competence will be held from 19 to 5 December 2021, this competition is open to all active students in Indonesia and from the initial selection process, 86 participants were obtained and filtered into 12 nominees for 2 categories of business plan competitions from 2 existing competition categories, namely agribusiness and industry. The announcement of the winners will be held in conjunction with the Webinar organized by the committee on December 11, 2021, online.

The competition which has been participated by several campuses in Indonesia, apart from Sebelas Maret University itself as the host, including the Surabaya Veterans Development University, Banjarnegara Polytechnic University, etc. The Best PTS Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Sumatra as the 1st winner in this innovation competition.

Vice Chancellor of the Best PTS Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Sumatra

Vice Chancellor of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad SE., MM, stated that the Best PTS Sumatran Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia always supports and also facilitates activities to develop student interests, talents, and reasoning. So that students can continue to produce achievements every year. Mahathir is very proud because extraordinary students have innovations that are very beneficial for human health and the results can even be exported abroad. Mahathir also added that the commitment of the Best PTS Sumatran Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to the development of interests, talents, and reasoning is one way to improve student competence, as well as the experience of students outside campus so that they can compete with other campuses.