Beware of Scam Mode

Fraud mode can occur in various online platforms by promoting their products or making advertisements. With the development of an increasingly modern era, it is easier to make online shopping transactions. Shopping, work, study, banking and investment transaction processing and even Flash Sale 12.12! which is currently trending is done easily online, by doing so provides an opening for irresponsible people to carry out their actions. If one of the fraudsters’ modes is caught, there are still many new modes for their new potential victims. As buyers, of course, we have to be smart in shopping, at least we know the characteristics of an online shop with a genuine online shop. Be careful not to let data from our digital accounts and personal data be hacked by irresponsible people. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to know and understand what are the characteristics of the modes of digital fraud that are emerging today and how to avoid these online frauds?

Selfie Photo Fraud Mode Forms for Self-Identity in a Service

Selfie or better known as Selfie is a common thing that many people do. With technological sophistication, selfies with an Identity Card or KTP are always used as one of the requirements for registering online services. This is certainly very dangerous if we are not careful, selfies with ID cards are the target of fraud for naughty people. Do it as wisely as possible in uploading selfie photos by holding your NPWP card, ID card, SIM and credit card on social media platforms that we don’t know.

Fraud Mode that Happens on Via WhatsApp

Rogue elements can use WhatsApp to carry out fraudulent actions by sending gift links, raffle links and discount vouchers. Be careful not to be in a hurry to click on the link and then, we might be directed to fill in personal data for the conditions for redeeming the prize. If you receive a message from WhatsApp with an unknown number, from groups or relatives who spread promotional links, gift links, and discount discount links, please be careful not to be easily provoked. It would be nice if the message was deleted, lest we be tempted to click on the link, because it could be that the link has also been inserted by a malware virus that can copy our personal data on the phone.


Mode of E-Mail Fraud that is Happening Right Now

Fraud that occurs via email has often happened. The form of the characteristics of the fraud is by sending a message containing a link to a certain website. then we will be directed to open the website, asked to log in by filling in the username and password. We have to be careful because this type of fraud mode is common, such as winning lottery prizes, job offers, winning online shop vouchers, updating banking data and so on which is also known as phishing. What is phishing?. Phishing is a theft method in the form of important information data such as the victim’s username and password that will be used by digital fraudsters to access the victim’s credit card, bank account, digital wallet. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry or rash to click on unknown email links, read carefully the URL links on the website before logging in and making online transactions.

Mode of Fraud that Occurs in Via Phone

Beware of the fraudulent mode by calling, this classic fraud mode, there are still many fraud modes claiming to be from parties such as e-commerce companies (BukaLapak, Shopee, Tokopedia, Olx, etc.), banking, digital wallets and even those claiming to be from other parties. flash sale 12.12! which is currently popular, and then delivers shocking news that makes us happy that we have won a voucher or a large amount of money that will be transferred to our bank account. The characteristics of this fraud are giving us news if we win a lottery or voucher, then providing conditions to redeem the lottery by providing a mobile phone number, an active account number and sending the OTP code that goes to our number.