Tips for Success from the Motivator of the Chancellor Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Indonesia The Best PTS Sumatra

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  • 1 December

The success tip was given by the motivator, Nasrullah Yusuf, explaining the risk-taking entrepreneurship to run your own business by taking advantage of opportunities to create new businesses or with an innovative approach so that the managed business grows big.

and independent in facing the challenges of competition.

Keyword Entrepreneurship The Motivator

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So according to him, the managed business will develop to be large and independent in facing the challenges of competition. “There are six keywords for entrepreneurship, namely risk taking, running your own business, taking advantage of opportunities, creating new businesses, innovative approaches, being independent,” said the Deputy Chair of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Chancellor’s Forum and the Chancellor of the Best PTS SumatranUniversitas Teknokrat.

Determinants of Success according to the Motivator

Nasrullah emphasized that attention to consumer needs is very important for business success. Paying attention to consumer needs is important for business success, namely being able to create products that are right on target, products sold have characteristics, added value to each product, facilitates the preparation of business strategies, can create products that are right on target, consumers are the determinants of success.


Course and Training Challenges

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Nasrullah Yusuf said, courses and training face serious challenges in facing technological developments (Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0) with the emergence of free and certified online courses, reduced public interest in courses and computer practice curriculum in schools.

Success in Becoming an Entrepreneur

Success in becoming an entrepreneur must have knowledge, competence, experience, networking, information, resources, money, talent, environment, family, time, future and opportunity, said Nasrullah Yusuf.

Creativity and Innovation in Meeting Market Needs

It was also stated that in meeting market needs one must have creativity, namely the ability to develop new ideas and new ways of solving problems and finding opportunities (thinking new things) and innovation is creativity that has been accepted by the community and used by industry.

Tips for Entrepreneurship of LKP in the Pandemic Period towards Era 4.0

The material provided by Dr. HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA. The Chancellor Universtias Teknokrat Indonesia and the Deputy Chair of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Chancellor’s Forum in accordance with the Objectives of the National Entrepreneurship Seminar (Tips for Entrepreneurship of LKP in the Pandemic Period towards Era 4.0):

1.Encouraging LKP to open up business opportunities according to the type of skill.
2. Improving the performance/existence of LKP to be more independent by opening a business/production unit through a teaching factory which at the same time strengthens the system of providing training and learning as well as services to the community.
3. Improve the ability of LKP managers and instructors in managing the Entrepreneurial Skills Education (PKW) program.

Tips for Success for Entrepreneurs, Nasrullah’s Message

Finally, Nasrullah advised success tips for businessmen:

“We need to adapt with the rapid speed of change to survive, otherwise we die

Winning Idea is Competitive Advantage for successful Business”

“We Can’t Solve The Problems Well Without Having More Knowledge, and We Can’t Get More Knowledge Without Educating Ourselves”

Trace Record of the Motivator

1973 : Administration Course 1974 : Passed Bon A Bookkeeping 1975 : Assistant Educator Course 1976 : Teacher Course Book Management, Accounting, Bimbel 1986 : – Opened Course and Tutoring (LPBM Teknokrat) – Lecturer Unila 1994 – 2010 : Chairman of DPD HIPKI Lampung 1997 – 2003 : Chairman of DPD HISPPI PNF Lampung 1999 : Elected National Education Leader Receives Award at the RI State Palace 2000 : Established STBA and AMIK Teknokrat 2001 : Established STMIK Teknokrat 2003 – present : Chairperson of DPP HISPPI PNF 2017 :         – Established Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia sd now – General Treasurer of the Indonesian Lecturer Association 2020 : Deputy Chairperson of the 2021 Indonesian Chancellors Forum : Deputy Chairperson of the FRI Advisory Council.