Mathematical Modeling

Mathematical model is not a foreign term, especially in academic circles. This term is also usually one of the compulsory subjects in the Mathematics Study Program or Mathematics Education, one of which is also found in the Mathematics Education Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Letters and Educational Sciences – Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. By definition, mathematical modeling can be said as a process of translating real-life situations into mathematical language to then be processed and analyzed in such a way that the results can be used as solutions to these real-life situations (Haines and Crouch, 2007; Verschaffel, Greer, and De Corte, 2002). ). For example, to be able to analyze the development of cases infected with the Covid-19 virus, it is necessary to create an appropriate mathematical model so that the peak point or peak time is likely to occur. If the situation can be modeled properly through mathematical language and illustrated on a Cartesian diagram, it will certainly be very helpful in terms of handling Covid effectively and efficiently. But of course in practice, it is not easy to be able to convert real life situations into mathematical language forms accurately.

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Existing Models in Mathematical Modeling?

There are several methods in mathematical modeling that have been developed to be able to form mathematical models from real life. Interpotation is a method that is widely used to form the model. There are several kinds of interpolation methods, from linear to non-linear or commonly called polynomials. Estimating linear and non-linear equation models manually certainly takes a long time and must also be accompanied by a good and deep understanding of mathematics, especially in the field of interpolation. Through technological developments, many calculators or application-based software or websites have been developed that can be accessed via a browser. One of the mathematical calculators that can compute mathematical modeling with the interpolation method is Wolfram-Alpha which can be accessed on its official website or can be downloaded via applications available on iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems.

Software in Mathematical Modeling

Wolfram-Alpha is a software that can compute everything related to science, from History to Mathematical Modeling. The following is a screenshot of the first time on a link that can be accessed via a browser.

The following is a link to access the interpolation calculator from the wolframaplah website, or simply by entering the keyword “interpolating polynomial calculator” in the computation field. The following is a screen display when performing interpolation computations to form Mathematical Modeling.

The “data set of y values” column is a column for data row entries that will be searched for mathematical models in the form of mathematical equations. For example, a mathematical model will be made from data on internet users in Indonesia for the period 1999 to 2019, the data will be obtained. The following data is presented in a table of rows and columns.

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After the data is inputted into tungsten-alpha, the resulting interpolation output is as follows:

The polynomial interpolation output from the internet user data can then be used as the basis for making decisions on many things in real life. One of the benefits is to predict the number of internet users in a certain year in the future, predict the number and peak times of internet users. Moreover, the mathematical model can also be used in the fields of economics and business, especially for entrepreneurs related to the internet and its derivatives. There are many more benefits that can be obtained if the mathematical model can be analyzed more deeply.

The Impact of Mathematical Modeling

The combination of mathematical modeling science and technology certainly helps accelerate the analysis to find solutions to a condition in real life using mathematical models. If in the past the making of the mathematical model required a relatively long time, now it can be done quickly and accurately.