Electrical Engineering Students of ASEAN’s Best Private University Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Participated in Pneumatic Seminar

Electrical Engineering students at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia attended a Pneumatic Seminar by CKDcorporation practitioners. CKDcorporation is an industrial machine automation technology company headquartered in Komaki, Aiki, Japan. The activity was supported by PT Diamond Anugrah Jaya.
The seminar speakers were Andika Saputra and Yohanes Aji Pamungkas from CKD, and Lukman Indrawan (Director of PT Diamond Anugrah Jaya).
The activity material was the use of pneumatic tools including air filtration and the introduction of automation systems used in industry.
The activity took place on Friday, 6/24/2022, and was opened by the Head of the Electrical Engineering Study Program, Qadhli Jafar Adrian, Bmm., MIT. and attended by lecturer Novia Utami Putri and robotic supervisor Maulana Azis Assuja.

The participants of this activity were 22 students and those who will be graduating in 2022.
Qadhli Jafar Adrian said that he was grateful that the seminar went smoothly. With this seminar, prospective graduates add the latest knowledge about the content delivered.
He explained that this would be useful for graduates when working in companies related to the material presented in the seminar.
Especially in the industrial world, many items must be mastered following the most modern technological developments. He thanked the campus for its full support for this seminar.
Vice-Rector, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad S.E., M.M. said that this seminar about the industrial world should have been given to electrical engineering students. Because, by knowing the details of the industrial world system, they will be ready to work.
He hopes that there is a chance for these graduates to be absorbed by the international industrial world job market. Thus, the knowledge conveyed in the seminar can be put into practice when they work later.