The selection of Lampung Museum Ambassadors is an audition process to select the best Lampung children who are creative, achievers and have the awareness to appreciate and love the Museum and Lampung culture.

Selection of Ambassadors for Lampung Museum 2021 which will be held for 4 days

from 14 – 17 December 2021, 15 pairs of 30 finalists from various educational backgrounds and universities participated. The selection series for the 2021 Lampung Museum Ambassador begins with the opening, written test, interview test, presentation of creative ideas, quarantine, briefing and the grand final. The event, which is held every two years, was opened on December 14, 2021 by the Head of the Lampung DISDIKBUD Office, Drs Sulpakar MM.


Foreword by the Head of the Education and Culture Office of Lampung Province, Sulpakar said that in order to realize the Vision of the Lampung People Glorious, through the First Mission, which is to create a religious, cultured, safe and peaceful life’, the Education and Culture Office of Lampung Province through the UPTD of the Lampung Province State Museum continues to strive so that the museum can be used as a source of inspiration to strengthen the identity of the people of Lampung. This is important because identity is one of the social capitals that can foster a love for one’s own culture, tolerance, and respect for differences, he said.

One of the important goals to get attention to continue to grow his love for museums and Lampung culture is from the younger generation, because in the hands of this generation, Lampung culture will be inherited. The form of activities that can encourage the younger generation to explore, understand and love Lampung museums and culture, continued Sulpakar, is through the Selection of Lampung Museum Ambassadors, Sulpakar added.

Sulpakar hopes that those who are chosen to be Lampung Museum Ambassadors will later become partners for the museum to convey messages among the younger generation regarding the benefits of museums as a source of inspiration to develop potential and learn about local wisdom that can strengthen identity. 

For participants who have the opportunity to continue in the selection process to become finalists for the 2021 Lampung Museum Ambassador, I congratulate them. I advise you to be serious in following each stage of the selection. Show your best abilities and achievements.” the lid


The Best PTS Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Sumatra is one of the participants from the University in the 2021 Lampung Museum Ambassador selection event. In the 2021 Lampung Museum Ambassador election, the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia sent three students, namely Syifa Nur Irawati, an English Literature undergraduate study program; Ferdi Aryanto S1 English Education Faculty of Letters and Educational Sciences; and Muhammad Rafie Elrangga S1 Management Faculty of Economics and Business.

For the umpteenth time, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has again received an achievement, in this Grand Final 2 students won 3rd place and entered the top 10 as Ambassadors of the Lampung Museum of 2021. The outstanding student was Ferdi Aryanto, 3rd winner of the 2021 Lampung Museum Ambassador from S1 English Education Faculty of Letters and Educational Sciences and Muhammad Rafie Elrangga are included in the Top 10 Ambassadors of the Lampung Museum from the Management S1 Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business.

This activity aims to collaborate with the best sons and daughters of Lampung who have innovations and creative ideas as a contribution to the Progress of the Lampung Museum. This year’s theme is “Glorifying the House of Civilization for Millennial Generation for a Glorious Lampung”, as stated by Muhammad Fithratullah, S.S., M.A. represent the Dean of Student Affairs FSIP.

Ferdi Aryanto 3rd Place in Lampung Museum Ambassador 2021, an undergraduate student of English Language Education, Faculty of Letters and Education, conveyed the task of the 2021 Lampung Museum Ambassador, namely promoting culture and tourism in Lampung Province, providing education especially for the millennial generation so that they are interested in coming to the museum and getting to know them. , because Lampung province is a province rich in culture and tourism.


Muhammad Najib Dwi Satria, S. Kom., M.T. The Vice Chancellor III for student affairs expressed his gratitude to the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia for always supporting and facilitating student activities in the fields of academics, sports, arts and culture. Hopefully, in the next 2 years, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students will get this championship which is even better. Congratulations on the achievements that have been achieved in the selection of museum ambassadors. Hopefully the achievements obtained by Ferdi Aryanto can be a motivation and enthusiasm for Muhammad Rafie Elrangga in particular and UTI students in general in developing their potential to continue to excel and work, added Najib.

On different occasions Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. Congratulations and success to students who have won 3rd place and are in the top 10 categories, hopefully the achievements that have been achieved can be improved and can bring the good name of the University in carrying out its achievements as Lampung Museum Ambassadors, become Lampung Museum ambassadors who can carry out the mandate according to the theme ” Glorifying the Civilized House for Millennial Generation for Lampung to be Glorious”. (Teknokrat)