Civil Engineering Study Program Students Won the First and Second Winner in Toothpick Bridges Regional Competition at the millennial creativity innovation event at UM Metro

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  • 14 September

Students of the Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI) won the first and second place in the Toothpick Bridges Regional Competition at the millennial creativity innovation event at Muhammadiyah Metro University on 5 to 9 September 2022. The announcement was made at the closing ceremony held on September 9, 2022.

The Onarbarack team with team leader Aditya Saputra as the leader and its members namely Guntur Wibisono, Achmad Fachriza, Varis Rejalul Hakiki and Valentinus Wenang TJ won first place. Meanwhile, the Barokah Jaya Team with Team leader Crissando Imanuil S and members Rivan Novansa, Guntur Aji Pangestu, Fresti and Cindy Rahma Dwihayanti won second place.

According to the supervisor of the competition, Fajar Dewantoro, M.Ars., expressed his pride in the achievements of his mentoring teams. Fajar also hopes that this achievement can be the motor of all the achievements that will be achieved by students in the Civil Engineering Study Program.

According to Aditya Saputra, the leader of the Onarbarack team, who is usually called Adit, said he was proud of winning this competition. Adit also said that this achievement is the beginning of other achievements that will be achieved by his team in the future. The head of HIMATEKS UTI, Rendy Pratama, said that the winner was the result of the educational process carried out in the association through the regeneration department and academic division. Rendy also hopes that there will be achievements from his younger siblings and colleagues in the association in making achievements both local, regional and national achievements.

In addition to this competition, Civil Engineering undergraduate students have won several competitions, namely bridges, photography, essays and videography at regional and national levels. Head of Study Program Dian Pratiwi, M.Eng said that the achievements were the fruit of the efforts and sweat of students in the Civil Engineering undergraduate study program. According to Dian, this competition is one of the soft skills that can be continuously honed through this institution. Furthermore, Dian also hopes that a new champion will grow in the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Study Program at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in the future.

Vice Rector Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad S.E., MM. appreciate this achievement. He is very proud of the Civil Engineering study program which is able to compete and become a champion at the regional level, Mahathir has the opinion that the Civil Engineering study program can be a motivation for other Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students. (Teknokrat)