Simple Ways to Create our Home Door Security System

Theft is happening, it’s happening

Do you often read news about theft in your home, or has your house been burglarized? This time we will make a home security alarm.

Want to know how to make home security? Let’s see the writing, here is a complete guide without any hassle!

This tool is not only installed on the door, but the security of this house door can be installed on a window or fence so that someone who opens it will give a warning in the form of a sound.

Based on the news that often appears in the home security media, both online and offline, many thieves enter through the door or window of the house.

Eits but don’t worry first, let’s start making the tool!

How to Make a Simple Alarm on the Door of the House for Home Security

How to Make a Home Security Alarm Using Clothespins

Why use Clothespins…Let’s Find Out?

Here are the steps to make a door alarm that you have to do:

The first stage is to prepare tools and materials.

  • Clothespins
  • Buzzer
  • 9 Volt Battery and Socket
  • Adequate Cable
  • Ice Cream Sticks
  • Glue as Adhesive

Arrange the materials that have been provided

  • The clothespin serves to temporarily cut off the DC electricity going to the buzzer.
  • Buzzer functions as an Alarm.
  • The battery supplies power to the Buzzer. The battery can also be replaced with a power bank or 5 V adapter. However, the weakness of the adapter is that if the power goes out, the alarm will not make a sound.
  • Cable as Connector.
  • The stick works together with clothespins to temporarily cut off DC electricity.

The way it works is, when the door is open, the stick will be pulled (released), then the upper and lower cables are connected. When connected, current from the battery will flow to the buzzer and cause the buzzer to sound.

Why Home Security Should Add Alarms?

Home Security with Door Locks Is Not Enough

Currently, cases of theft occur almost every day. Even though the house is locked, thieves can still enter it.

With additional security in the form of an alarm, at least it can also be a sign of someone entering the house. Bias so with the alarm the thief will be surprised and immediately leave the house.

What is an Embedded System?

Get the information here

Home Security with Loud Buzzer Sounds Can Be a Warning Sign

Buzzer is a device that can make a sound / sound when given a voltage. The sound emitted has a high frequency that can make the ears feel noisy.

For this reason, with a deafening sound, it can be an alternative to give a warning to both homeowners and people who are about to enter to commit crimes.

Thus the tutorial on making a simple alarm as a door safety. This alarm can also be installed in windows or other locations that require additional security at a low cost. But don’t forget to make sure to install the alarm every night and check the battery often so that the system can always run properly.

The tool can be added with an On/Off switch so that when not in use it can be disabled.

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