Bunda Eva Mayor of Bandar Lampung Accepting Social Services from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

The City Government (Pemkot) of Bandar Lampung received social services of 1,500 food packages in the form of:
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The assistance was handed over by the Rector of UTI, Dr. HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA which was immediately received by the Mayor of Bandar Lampung Eva Dwiana in the Mayor’s Meeting Room of the Bandar Lampung City Government Office, Tuesday (19/4/2022).

Eva Dwiana received the assistance accompanied by Plh. Assistant for Government and People’s Welfare of Bandar Lampung City Drs. A. Budiman PM, MM., Bandar Lampung City Inspector Robi Suliska Sobri, S.IP., M.IP., Head of Bandar Lampung City Education and Culture Office Eka Apriana, S.Pd, Head of Bandar Lampung City Communication and Information Office Ahmad Nurizki Erwandi, S.STP., Head of the People’s Welfare Section of Bandar Lampung City Meidiana Sari, SH., MM.

Meanwhile, the Rector Nasrullah Yusuf was accompanied by the Vice-Rector of UTI, Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM., Vice-Rector III M Najib Dwi Satria., SKom., MT., Superintendent of Teknokrat Education Foundation Yunita Maya Putri SS., SH., M.H. and Vice Dean III FTIK UTI Aulia Rahman Insnaini., S. Kom., MM., Vice Dean III FEB Muhammad Fitratullah., SS., MA..

Also present were UTI BEM President Akbar Maulana Al Jasid, UTI BEM Vice President Deden Syaifulloh, UTI BEM General Secretary Shaskia, FTIK BEM Chairperson Panca Fadilah, FSIP BEM Chair Bagas Maulana, FEB BEM Chair Resky Eldiansyah, HIMA Informatics Chair Naufal, HIMA Sastra Chair UK, Fitzal Rifqi Tarangga, and Head of HIMA Civil Randi.

Mayor of Bandar Lampung Eva Dwiana welcomed the assistance given by UTI and its students. His party will immediately distribute the aid to the people of Lampung Province.

“I thank to Teknokrat and Mr. Nasrullah and students for their help. We will hand over all the assistance to the people of Bandar Lampung,” said Mother Eva Dwiana.

Bunda Eva considered that, in addition to many social activities, UTI also reaped many achievements in the field of education.

She appreciated the various achievements of UTI in advancing the world of education in Bandar Lampung.

“We want an MOU for biling children (environmental development). I want underprivileged children and Islamic boarding schools so that they can participate in billing and become Teknokrat students,” said Eva Dwiana.
“Once again, thank you, we will distribute it to the people of Bandar Lampung, hopefully we can fully help in the future,” said Mother Eva.

UTI Rector Nasrullah Yusuf said that his party requested assistance from the Bandar Lampung city government to distribute 1,500 food packages which were handed over to the people of Lampung Province.

“We ask for assistance from the Mayor and the Bandar Lampung City Government to help distribute basic food packages,” said Nasrullah.

Nasrullah Yusuf said that apart from cooperating with government institutions and agencies, his party also invited students to participate in distributing food packages. This is done so that students can have a high social spirit towards others.

“Our students have tried to be different, yesterday they distributed them to orphanages, nursing homes and Islamic boarding schools. Previously, students were called students, students, and hopefully in the future they can become social (social) students,” explained Nasrullah Yusuf.

Nasrullah, on that occasion also conveyed that UTI had handed over the Covid-19 Care assistance to 51 orphanages and Islamic boarding schools in Bandar Lampung by donating Rp 3 million in cash assistance, basic necessities (100 kg rice, eggs, instant noodles, 5 duz).

Then Labuhan Ratu District 250 packages, Labuhan Ratu Village 250 packages, Kedaton District 300 packages, Kelurahan 250 packages, RT Labuhan Ratu and Kedaton 100 packages.

Then, the Lampung Regional Police with 1,500 packages, the Kedaton Police with 250 packages, and Donations for Renovation of Mosques and Mosques in Bandar Lampung.

On this occasion, the Rector Nasrullah also conveyed the achievements that have been achieved by UTI.

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