In the digital era, many fields of knowledge and experience are developing, one of which is graphic design. Not only can they become designers, but many companies now need someone who can gain expertise in this area and place them in various promising positions. Interested in learning graphic design but still a beginner? You can try some of these tips:

Understanding Design Fundamentals

Before starting to learn graphic design, you should first understand the basics of design such as the rules of color, symbols, and typography. These are the three things you need to know as they are the basis for creating designs. Also, if you are using software, you need to understand the grid system, which is a line dividing system. Knowledge of general design terminology is also important. For example, font, color palette, kerning, spacing, alignment, layers, background, foreground and more.

Define Design Style

In fact, there are no standards when it comes to studying graphic design and it all comes down to personal preference. So, before you start learning, it’s a good idea to determine what design style you’re going to create. Examples include logo styles, typography, illustrations, and more. This will ensure that your work matches your desired design style. You will also be more successful in design if you focus on developing your skills in one design style.

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Looking for inspirations

If you’re still confused about style, you can start looking outside for inspiration. For example, other people who are good at studying graphic design or trusted social media designers who often share their work and how it works. For example, if you find an interesting design on Pinterest, Instagram, or Behance, you can save it as a working sample.

Dissecting the Design Process

So, if you already have plenty of inspiring examples while studying graphic design, it’s not a bad idea to analyze the design process of your work. Pay attention to some important things in your work, such as drawing lines and shapes, choosing colors, and many other aspects. Learn to understand how designers work and think creatively.

Recreate Designs That Inspire You

Instead of analyzing and looking at designs while studying graphic design that inspires you, try as often as possible. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Otherwise, the work will be bad. Because good work is always made through constant experimentation until it is finished. If you can design or redraw the work, do not distribute it or claim it as your own, as it violates copyright principles. You can also research and follow design guides that are currently widely available on Youtube or other design sites. There are usually simple steps you can follow to make learning easier. Remember that to master it, you have to deal with it, and it can’t be instant. The most important thing is to be patient and keep practicing.

Search Specifications

Have a design problem? You may need help. If you have a problem, you can ask someone who understands you better so that those around you can help you. But if you’re learning on your own, you can ask Google. Enter specific questions based on your difficulty to get the answers you need. Those are some tips for those who want to learn graphic design. One of the tips that is no less important is criticism and suggestions. As a beginner when learning graphic design, I really need criticism and suggestions. There’s nothing wrong with asking the opinion of family and friends around you. You can also upload your work to social media and ask for criticism and suggestions from experienced designers as input for improvement.